Elon Musk’s Attack On George Soros ‘Distressing’ And ‘Dangerous’, Jewish Group Says

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Musk compared Soros to Magneto, a fictional supervillain who also survived the Holocaust. Tuesday. The prominent social media attack on Soros “will embolden extremists who already contrive anti-Jewish conspiracies and have tried to attack Soros and Jewish communities as a result,” Greenblatt added.

Soros, a mega-donor to progressive and Democratic causes, faced an assassination attempt in 2018 when a pipe bomb was sent to his New York home, and has drawn the ire of mostly far-right figures, often drawing on problematic issues about Jews’ outsized influence on global politics and business.

Musk has yet to respond to allegations of his comments being antisemitic and did not immediately respond to an emailed inquiry. Forbes Valuations Musk is worth $175 billion, the largest fortune of any American, while Soros is worth $6.7 billion, according to our latest headtopics.com

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Fake Geek Elon Musk Clueless When It Comes to Magneto, George SorosIn a single, five-word tweet, ElonMusk spread lies about GeorgeSoros, proved he’s clueless about Magneto, and began making new CEO LindaYaccarino’s job a living hell: Opinion / Twitter MCU XMen Marvel

Elon Musk Says George Soros, Who Just Dumped His Tesla Stock, ‘Hates Humanity’Musk lobbed a characteristically lame attack at Soros. “Soros reminds me of Magneto,” he said, referring to the Marvel supervillain.

Elon Musk claims billionaire George Soros ‘hates humanity’Soros has regularly been a target for conspiracy theorists and has faced personal attacks from authoritarian leaders including Vladimir Putin.

Elon Musk compares George Soros to X-Men villain Magneto who ‘hates humanity’Musk’s tweets came shortly after a filing revealed Soros’s family office had exited its Tesla stake.

George Soros’ Investment Fund Sells Off Entire Investment in Elon Musk’s TeslaSoros Fund Management — the principal asset manager for the Open Societies Foundations, founded by left-wing billionaire and Democrat donor George Soros — has sold all of its stock in Elon Musk’s Tesla.

Elon Musk trolls George Soros with comparison to X-Men supervillain Magneto.ElonMusk trolled billionaire GeorgeSoros, comparing the leftist donor to X-Men supervillain Magneto. ‘Soros reminds me of Magneto,’ Musk tweeted late Monday night.

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