Denny just brought back a HUGE fan favorite

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Denny’s gives new meaning to the phrase “Go Big or Go Home” by reintroducing its legendary “Super Slam” menu, a massive menu item hailed as “America’s Greatest Breakfast.”

The fast-food chain has brought back the fan-favorite meal, which includes two buttermilk pancakes, two eggs, two strips of bacon, two sausages and crispy hash browns, in honor of its 70th anniversary.

Featured in Denny’s All Day Diner Deals, it’s available 24/7 while it’s on the menu… Foodies only have until June 20 to grab the mammoth $9.99 deal.

And if the classic Super Slam doesn’t offer enough variety (or calories), Denny’s customers can customize the meal with a range of menu options, from substituting “Choconana” pancakes for the buttermilk pancakes to adding extra bacon and sausage for something even savory Serve.

Denny's has reintroduced its legendary

Denny’s has reintroduced its legendary “Super Slam” menu, a massive $9.99 breakfast that includes bacon, sausage, eggs, hash browns and pancakes

Featured in Denny's All Day Diner Deals, it's available 24/7 while it's on the menu... Foodies only have until June 20 to grab the mammoth $9.99 deal

Featured in Denny’s All Day Diner Deals, it’s available 24/7 while it’s on the menu… Foodies only have until June 20 to grab the mammoth $9.99 deal

However, all health-conscious foodies should steer clear of the Super Slam, which contains between 810 and 1,950 calories, depending on the individual options chosen.

For example, opting for choconana pancakes will add an extra 870 calories to your plate, while opting to add cheese to your hash browns will pile an extra 70 calories.

Despite the fairly high calorie count, Denny’s is confident customers will flock to take advantage of the Super Slam. Sherry Landry, the company’s chief marketing officer, said in a statement, “We understand that adding value to our guests is important, especially now.”

“You can’t beat our Super Slam, offering delicious classic breakfast ingredients at an attractive price.”.’

Meanwhile, Sharon Lykins, vice president of product innovation at Denny’s, chimed in: “There aren’t many options that combine quality products with unprecedented abundance. The Super Slam really has it all!”


Denny’s “Super Slam” offers five different side dishes included in one meal, unlike the other “All Day Diner Deals” that feature on the menu

In years past, as the “Super Slam” returned, customers confirmed why it was their “fan favorite,” and commentators flooded the brand’s Instagram to celebrate the news of its return.

‘Go to Denny’s and order the Super Slam!’ So much food for a great price!’ One person commented, while another wrote, “I don’t always go on a breakfast date but when I do I make it big.” I dated Denny’s Breakfast Super Slam. It was fire.’

“It’s no coincidence that Denny’s Diner is calling this a Super Slam as I really think it was a slam dunk,” added a third.

One person remarked that the Super Slam brought back fond memories for fans of their past vacations, saying, “That’s the nostalgia for me!” And you? Denny’s + Grand Slam breakfasts = family road trips.’

“DENNY’s has once again made my heart (and stomach) SLAM dunk with their SUPER SLAMS breakfast and cheese sandwich melts!” another said.

“Denny’s Super Slam was absolutely breakfast for champions.” “If you haven’t tried Denny’s Diner Super Slam, then this is the clue you should try it,” commented one particularly enthusiastic foodie.

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