New Ways Travel Insurance Can Help With An Airline Problem This Summer

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Here are some of the new ways travel insurance can assist with airline problems during summer air travel. The latest policies provide coverage for delays, missed tours, non-refundable expenses, and parametric benefits. Baggage delay coverage will help replace essentials while you await your luggage. Most travel insurance policies have these protections standard, although the amount of coverage varies.

Travel insurance can protect the rest of your trip, too

for the airline coverage benefits. A comprehensive policy may also cover the rest of your vacation if an airline disruption leads to a missed night or tour cancellation. But won’t buying a fully refundable ticket cover some of that risk? Not really, she says.

getty Most travel insurance now covers COVID-19, which can protect you if you get sick before your flight. Companies like “Many travel insurance policies include 24/7 assistance services, which can provide you with support and guidance in the event of an airline meltdown,” says Pallavi Sadekar, head of operations at

Travel assistance can cover many of the tasks that a traditional travel advisor would, helping you find alternate transportation options or accommodations when your flight gets canceled. Some policies offer access to medical and legal advice.

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