Kaitlan Collins Defends Trump Attacking The Press In 2017 Interview

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During Collins’ 2017 interview with Carlson, she told the at-the-time Fox News host, “The press is throwing a royal tantrum because they can’t control what the country is talking about.”

Carlson asked her about the reception she got covering the White House for the first time. She said, “It’s definitely a little tense, but I’m not really there to impress them.”

“I’m there to ask the questions my readers want answered, and I’m not there to ask what they want me to ask,” she continued. “I don’t get the questions that CNN wants. I don’t get the questions that MSNBC. I ask what my readers want me to ask because outside in the real world where the other 300 million people live, they don’t care about, you know, personnel issues that MSNBC is asking.”

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