Ben Affleck’s New Movie Bombs in Theaters, J Lo’s Soars on Netflix

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Ben and Jen both had movies release this weekend, and they took very different routes in terms of medium and money. -directed sci-fi thriller wasn’t released by a major studio — two independent production companies are behind it … and BA’s the marquee talent by a mile as far as cast. The worst part is that Ben’s film reportedly cost around $65 mil to make …

so, yeah, it’s coming in at a huge loss. Plus, the reviews stink. Now, his other recent film, ‘Air,’ did much better in theaters (around $85M worldwide so far) — but that one reportedly cost about $90M to produce … meaning it’s just barely breaking even, although it fared better with critics.

Bottom line … Ben hasn’t been cleaning up in ticket sales, but is killing it with at-home viewers. Her new movie, ‘The Mother,’ is apparently #1 on Netflix in several countries right now — and her other recent flick, ‘Shotgun Wedding’ did well for Amazon too.

Play video content TMZ INVESTIGATES As far as substance, both of J Lo’s movies have gotten very meh reviews — especially ‘SW.’ And while her flicks are cranking out good numbers for the streaming services they’re released on … it’s hard to gauge what that actually translates to for a bottom line.

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