Russia-Ukraine live updates:

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Live updates on Russia’s war in neighboring Ukraine. Share to Twitter Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Mariupol to inspect a number of…

Share to Twitter Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Mariupol to inspect a number of locations in the city and talk to local residents, the Kremlin press service said on Sunday. Alexander Ermochenko/Reuters

The visit was Putin’s first to newly annexed territories. Putin also inspected the coastline of the city in the area of a yacht club, a theater building that was -ABC News’ Tanya Stukalova Link Email this article

Putin visited an art school and a children’s center.

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How are their extradition policies? Donald needs your help! SOS!

Russia-Ukraine live updates: ICC issues arrest warrant for PutinBREAKING: The International Criminal Court issues an arrest warrant for Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin for alleged war crimes. Awesome! is that like subpoenaing trump? Bahahahahaha!

China President Xi to visit Russia in apparent show of support for Putin amid Ukraine warChinese President Xi Jinping plans to visit Russia next week in an apparent show of support for Russian President Vladimir Putin amid sharpening East-West tensions over the war in Ukraine. The Biden foreign policy is working.🤡 BFF All about Taiwan 🇹🇼

Ukraine live briefing: China’s Xi will make a state visit to Russia on MondayBreaking news: China’s President Xi Jinping will visit Russia next week for talks with President Vladimir Putin, showcasing their alliance as the war rages in Ukraine. Or tell him to find an exit… They’re going to form a union, and what will Biden do about it?

International Criminal Court issues arrest warrant for Putin over Russia’s alleged war crimes in UkrainePUTIN ARREST WARRANT The International Criminal Court said Friday it has issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin for war crimes because of his alleged involvement in abductions of children from Ukraine. Sooo when can we expect arrest warrants against Bush, Obama, Clinton & the rest of US war criminals? Did these banks fail for the thought of black american getting 5 million dollars in reparation in San Francisco, is black america tied to these banks and there drugs, that create investment for, ghost investors Real Kkk at work

Ukraine live briefing: Putin’s ICC arrest warrant is justified, Biden saysPresident Biden said his Russian counterpart ‘clearly committed war crimes,’ though neither country recognizes the International Criminal Court’s jurisdiction. Preparations full on – for ww3 ? JoeBiden Poor Joe failed to mention that the US, China, Russia and Israel don’t recognize the authority of the ICC. Yeah!

Live blog: US, Ukraine officials discuss ‘repelling aggression’ of RussiaUS and Ukrainian officials discuss ongoing fighting — now in its 388th day — as Kiev’s forces say Russian troops are trying to break through Ukrainian defences in several directions in bid to fully encircle the small eastern city of Bakhmut. US, Ukraine defence officials discuss the further provision of military aid to Kiev, in particular vehicles, weapons and ammunition, to counter the Russian offensive Follow our live coverage 👇

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