Russia loses 21 tanks, 23 APVs and 8 artillery systems in a day: Ukraine

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Ukraine has previously shared footage of Russian tanks being destroyed and targeted on social media. Writing on Facebook , the General Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces said an additional 23 armored…

Writing on Facebook , the General Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces said an additional 23 armored personnel carriers and eight artillery systems had been taken out over the previous 24-hour period. By Ukraine’s count, this brings Russia’s total tank losses to 3,532. The Kyiv authorities have repeatedly shared footage on social media of Russian tanks being destroyed.

Many estimates vary, but Dutch open-source verification outlet Oryx has placed Russia’s visually confirmed tank losses at 1,847, as of Sunday. The website lists 1,101 as”destroyed” and 550 as”captured” by Ukrainian forces.

On Sunday, Russia’s defense ministry said its forces had destroyed 8338 Ukrainian tanks and armored combat vehicles since February 24, 2022.

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Ukraine says SBU ‘white wolves’ destroyed 10 Russian tanks in one nightA clip shows the apparent destruction of the military vehicles in the Donetsk Oblast.

Putin’s forces ‘guaranteed to lose’ Ukraine war: Former Russian commanderThe battle between Ukrainian and Russian forces has extended through major Ukrainian cities since the beginning of the war including Kyiv, Odesa and Kherson. Ahah 👍🤓⛑😎✌

International Criminal Court issues arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin over Ukraine war crimesThe International Criminal Court said it has issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin for war crimes. The US doesn’t even take part in this court btw Whoa. There’s an interesting bit of news! I’d enjoy watching that guy sit in the dock at The Hague. It’s about time they acted on this!

Ukraine Downs Russian Drones, Two Cause Severe DamageUkrainian air defences downed most Russian drones overnight, but two of them caused severe damage to infrastructure to the north of Dnipro, Kyiv officials said If Ukrainians downs these drones then it’s not Russian drones it should be Iranians Yeah. They shot them all except two. And those two caused severe infrastructure damage. Sure, okay 👍🏼 shorebreak415 not looking good buddy boi. Got Iran assisting in Russian fronts. New axis of evil with China, Russia, and iRan.

Russian attacks continue in wake of Putin arrest warrantWidespread Russian attacks have continued in Ukraine following the International Criminal Court’s decision to issue an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russia’s commissioner for children’s rights. You wanted them to stop cold because of that? Lol. Let Brandon serve the warrants

An infamous Russian unit that downed a civilian plane in 2014 was active in UkraineA secretive Russian military unit, known for its part in the deaths of hundreds of civilians on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 nearly a decade ago, was fighting in eastern Ukraine, NPR uncovered. Hopefully they’re captured and the Ukrainians can slowly cut off their toes and fingers with dull bolt cutters Obama did nothing, yet NPR looking for our blood now Kinda like klansmen

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