Dan Bongino Slams ‘Police State’ Manhattan D.A. Over Donald Trump Case

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Fox News host and former New York City cop Dan Bongino blew a gasket on Saturday’s episode of Fox & Friends when he claimed that America had become a “police state” and claims that “no serious person” believes Donald Trump did anything wrong.

Bongino’s latest rant comes after the former president’s recent social media post claiming he’d be arrested on Tuesday in connection with the Stormy Daniels case.

Saturday morning Trump went DEFCON 1 on Truth Social posting a lengthy statement where he told his 4.9 million followers that “THE AMERICAN DREAM IS DEAD!”

The ex-president discussed “illegal leaks” from the “corrupt” Manhattan DA office that is handling a trial over campaign funds being spent to pay off the porn star to keep quiet about an affair between her and Trump.

Trump called for his supporters to “TAKE OUR NATION BACK!”

Many of the former president’s biggest critics believe that the call for action is yet another instigation of violence, not unlike his speech which led to the January 6 riots at the Capitol.

The news of Trump’s potential arrest led to Bongino blasting blue states and progressives, inviting the “libs” to “plant a big wet one on my rump because I really have no desire to hear you right now.”

He compare the way the DA treats Trump to that of North Korea treating their own citizens.

“These people will hurt you if given the opportunity … You have zero rights in these places,” he continued. “When they want you, they will come and get you.”

Bongino advised people to leave “New York City and any other maniac lunatic blue states.”

“If this can happen to a former president, you have absolutely zero rights,” the far-right sycophant continued. “No serious person thinks this is a crime worth expending taxpayer dollars on. Not a single person on planet earth believes that, who’s serious.”

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