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Khago has re-ignited his decade-old beef with I-Octane, and the 2 artists are delivering punches at one another with back-to-back diss tracks launched this week.

Dancehall has been very energetic these previous weeks as a number of artists are feuding. The 2 artists are the most recent in a line of dancehall entertainers who’re feuding, together with Mr. Vegas vs. Bounty Killer, Popcaan vs. Squash, Valiant vs. Popcaan, and now Khago vs. I-Octane.

Khago appears to have landed the primary blow with the tune he teased final week, “Useless Man Dem,” through which he dissed I-Octane and Seanizzle. Within the tune, Khago name-dropped Octane and the favored producer in a music preview on his YouTube account.

“You nuh see a lifeless man dem, dawg. Ah nuh unhealthy man dem dawg/ Man haffi pack up and run leff yard, and go left dem gyal fi a stand guard/ shotta make dem affi run leff Clarendon, s*ck pu**y Octane ah nuh no unhealthy man,” he stated within the first verse which he pulled up.

In one other verse, he focused I-Octane collaborator and producer Seannizle. “And Seanizze boyfriend affi in the past lifeless enuh, full him up a lead enuh/ working up your mouth and ah make robust speak when mi weapons dem bark now fish cya chuckle, boy affi run quick…” he stated dissing collaborators as homosexual.

I-Octane responds with “Useless Zone” diss monitor

A day after Khago’s tune was launched, I-Octane responded to Khago, whom he reminded that he used to clean his automobile and is generally recognized for home violence quite than his music.

“You solely unhealthy if you wash automobile, come ah run mouth, p**sy, tongue a monitor star bout you me unhealthy with gun, yuh unhealthy behind lockdown/two-mile rat bat, coulda wah tek thisf**okay b***yboy weh just like Vegas,” Octane stated in “Useless Zone” diss.

I-Octane additionally mentions Khago’s current arrested by Manchester police, the place he’s accused of pointing his licensed firearm at a lady who he later revealed to be his daughter.

“You nuh unhealthy, lady and pickney you beat up,” Octane slams Khago, who was additionally concerned in a separate incident earlier than the current one.

Khago additionally responded with one other diss monitor for I-Octane named “Darkness.” In a reside video, “him are available like a dumb fowl, one fowl weh simply begin speak, ah fowl weh simply develop tooth,” he stated earlier than previewing “Darkness.”

Within the tune, Khago says it’s been “a very long time since [their] beef season up,” and he’s about to ‘tun up di warfare’ and tells Octane he’s on his “interval go placed on a pad.”

Khago Drops Diss Observe “Psycho”

Khago additionally dropped one other diss monitor on Friday known as “Psycho.”

“Bwoy come a chat bout lifeless zone, get up inna di stated zone…weh di bwoy come a fling stone, put yuh face pan a shirt title ‘Gone Residence’/ say mi drop a jail fi go mess with beating, however yuh fi deh deh very long time fi di b***erring, fats can’t stroll straight inna a Portmore…/ quite wash automobile and maintain me personal, no bwoy can’t kiss me and promote me out.”

“Memba Bigs affi bun yuh with xylophone, him say him tek out you c**ky and wash yuh tone/ ah psycho lakka me you want fi depart alone, you nuh even don’t have anything fi lose outdated dawg a roam/ inform the world bwoy, what occur on the pastor yard,” Khago added.

Khago additionally doesn’t interact with I-Octane, who dissed his mom, noting that he respects Octane’s mom and needs he had one like her so he gained’t be dissing her. He does go on to talk about Khago’s father getting caught up in unsavory actions with one other man’s spouse.

Khago additionally goes arduous as he takes a blow at Octane’s alleged affiliation with the Klansman Gang – that he name-drops Dons, who’re all powerless in jail. Followers on-line appeared to suppose that Octane’s diss was arduous however that “Psycho” got here out on prime primarily due to the “Nah Promote Out” ‘lifeless the mom argument’ one thing that many artists are inclined to do when participating clashes.

I-Octane drops “Dancehall Shibby” diss monitor

On Saturday, I-Octane returned with one other diss monitor, “Dancehall Shibby,” through which he performed an alleged audio recording of Khago saying he won’t ever once more will get married to a lady and talked about Shebada as somebody he would quite put a hoop on as an alternative of strolling down the isle with a lady.

“I’ll by no means ever but married to a subsequent gal,” the artist stated. “I quite discover Rupaul or Shebada and put a hoop pon one a Shebada center toe and mek him cover it in a him boot.”

Why I-Octane and Khago beefing?

Within the meantime, the artist’s beef reportedly spans greater than 15 years, with Khago addressing their feud in a 2011 Leisure Report the place he shared how he was aggrieved by the way in which Octane handled whereas he labored with him as a “backup singer and buckler” who even used to clean Octane’s automobile with the hopes that he would get some assist from the artist to launch his profession.

“Yeah man, him a stroll and inform folks me and him good and me and him nuh good. A 3 years me and him nuh deal,” he stated. Khago went on to elucidate that his grouse with Octane stemmed from him asking him to Sumfest, one thing that will have put an important highlight on his profession, however he by no means received that help from I-Octane.

In the identical report, Octane additionally denied that he had not launched Khago to individuals who might help him and as an alternative stated the artist had issues with folks in every single place he went.

Since then, Khago has gone on to turn out to be a profitable artist and even produces and releases his personal music, proudly owning his publishing and the earnings therefrom.

As for I-Octane, his profession has additionally been equally strong. Apart from him being talked about within the current Klansman trial by a state witness and former gang member as fraternizing with gang members, the artist, who denied the allegations, has by no means gotten into bother with the legislation or his friends.

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