The Math Behind the New Super Commute

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A new breed of commuter is going to great lengths to pull off living and working in far-apart places

Hybrid work is changing the calculus of what it takes to live and work in separate places.

Making it work often means predawn flights to another time zone, paying for a second apartment or hotel stays, or hopping on a plane or train impromptu to make a last-minute meeting with the boss. Even with the extra housing and travel expenses, some long haulers say the payoff can translate to thousands of dollars in savings or

.SHARE YOUR THOUGHTSStill, the arrangement “is a win-win.”Despite the nearly $400 cost to fly round trip, and $1,500 in monthly rent for a studio apartment, the setup saves the Croasdales an extra $1,500 a month. Dr. Croasdale makes $20,000 to $40,000 more than what he would earn as a physical therapist in Austin, he estimates, plus his taxes are lower.

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