The Fifth Plane,’ Passengers Argue with Flight Attendants to Take Off

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A United 767 scheduled to take off from JFK Airport on September 11, 2001, could have been the 5th plane targeted by hijackers … this according to the flight attendants and the pilot on that plane.

TMZ has conducted a 6-month investigation into United Flight 23 — scheduled to leave JFK at 9 AM … bound for Los Angeles. We interviewed 3 flight attendants, the pilot, the United dispatcher, a member of the 9/11 Commission and others about a series of suspicious activities on the plane … suspicious enough for the FBI to get involved.

Four passengers in first class aroused suspicion shortly after they boarded. The flight attendants say one of the passengers was a man disguised as a woman. The purser [first class flight attendant] tells us those passengers did not eat meat, and there were only 2 fruit plates in the galley. She wanted to get more fruit plates so the passengers could eat, and it triggered a heated argument … with one of the passengers insisting,”We do not want to eat. We don’t need food. We want to take off … We just want to go.”

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Whoa, that’s interesting.

Small single-engine plane crashes at Craig AirportA small plane making its way from Dunnellon, just north of Tampa, crashed in Jacksonville Thursday evening at Craig Airport, Jacksonville Airport Authority told News4JAX.

It’s time to privatize America’s airportsSince governments rarely innovate, you must sit at the airport and wait.

Suspect crashes helicopter after trying to steal it from airport: PoliceAuthorities are looking for a person who crashed a helicopter after trying to steal it from Sacramento Executive Airport in California early Wednesday. Maybe they should start with a minivan and work their way up? The people today can’t even steal a helicopter without screwing it up. Sad.

Helicopter at Sacramento airport crashes after thief tries to take off with itA helicopter crashed at the Sacramento Executive Airport early Wednesday after a man attempted to steal the aircraft. helos are harder to learn than planes. Not as easy as playing GTA on a Xbox apparently Breaking: suspect tries winging it, to fly helicopters, that didn’t work.

Thief breaks into, then crashes helicopter at Sacramento airportPolice said they are looking for someone who broke into, then crashed a helicopter at a Sacramento airport Wednesday. The crashed helicopter was found on its side with debris everywhere.

Stolen helicopter crashes at airport in CaliforniaThe thief took off, and no arrests have been made, authorities said.

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