Nigeria counts votes in elections to choose new state governors

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Nigeria’s election officials counted ballots after polls closed on Saturday in a delayed vote to pick new state governors, amid reports of scattered violence and voter intimidation, including in Lagos, where a tight race was expected. EYES ON LAGOS The race that has generated the most interest is in Lagos, Tinubu’s home state and…

EYES ON LAGOS The race that has generated the most interest is in Lagos, Tinubu’s home state and Nigeria’s commercial hub, where he is nicknamed the “godfather” for his enduring political influence. At stake is control of an annual $4 billion budget and running Africa’s largest mega city of more than 20 million, home to some of the country’s billionaires, including Aliko Dangote who is building a multi-billion dollar oil refining complex.

But Lagos is also teeming with poverty as millions live in slums without power and running water, and residents, rich and poor, have to endure daily traffic jams and pollution. Tinubu governed Lagos from 1999 to 2007 and has gone on to play a major role in picking every successor since.

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In show of unity, NATO and EU heads visit North Sea gas platform

The heads of NATO and the European Commission flew on Friday to a North Sea platform to discuss the security of supplies and infrastructure, a visit underlining Norway’s importance for gas shipments since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Read more >>

This is no election, intimidations, thuggery on rampage, as well as the fact that the security personnel are even aiding the so-called corrupt politicians to harass voters. The amount of lives lost in these various election is uncountable. Welcome to America! In Lagos here the election is marred by violence this is been facilitated by political thugs of the ruling political party.

It was not an election, it was a complete sham. This is no election, it’s a crime watch

FREE TREES: San Antonio Parks & Rec giving away 850 fruit and nut trees on SaturdayWANT FREE FRUIT TREES? San Antonio Parks & Recreation is hosting a Sweet & Green adoption event and they will be giving out 850 free fruit and nut trees on a first-come, first-serve basis on Saturday.

Sunshine and warming temps through SaturdayIt’s been a long wait, but a ridge of high pressure building over the Northwest will finally push Western Washington into the 60s late this week with lots of sunshine. FOX13

Ashford’s 6th annual Spring Fling takes place SaturdayAs flowers bloom and the temperatures begin to rise, Ashford is getting ready for the season change.

There will be three broadcasts of Saturday’s Union game at CF MontréalYes, they’ll all be behind Apple’s paywall. But if you’ve ever wanted to try listening to a Union game in another language, Saturday’s game at CF Montréal is a good time to check out that option.

Yosemite National Park to partially reopen SaturdayAfter closures due to heavy snowfall, Yosemite National Park will be partially restoring public access starting Saturday. Mr. Brown need to step down as the head of the NAACP and allow some new black blood to step in, you have had your time brother, we love you but its time, we want the 5 million dollars, white Americans have given all our housing and jobs to foreigner, they bought here Father’s nature 💕 impredictible California I ♥️it!

MAP: DC Street Closures for Saturday’s Rock ’n’ Roll Half Marathon and 5KRoad closures begin on Friday night and run until Saturday night. 🎸🏃‍♀️

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