Momentum grows for creating Washington ‘bias incident’ hotline that could pay alleged victims with tax money

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Momentum grows for creating Washington ‘bias incident’ hotline that could pay alleged victims with tax money

Advocates of a Washington state bill that would establish a hate crime hotline and compensate some victims is gaining momentum after if failed in the state Senate.

A person holds a rainbow flag during a gay pride parade.(Reuters / Axel Schmidt / File)The bill defined bias incidents as hostile expressions of animus toward a person based on something such as their race, sex, sexual orientation, disability or religion. Bias incidents are not considered criminal acts under the bill,

the Seattle Times reported.Employees of the potential program would also evaluate victims’ claims to determine if they can be compensated”up to a maximum of $2,000 per person targeted or affected by a specific hate crime or bias incident,” according to the bill.

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War crimes court seeks Putin arrest over deportation of Ukraine’s children

The International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant on Friday against Russian President Vladimir Putin, accusing him of the war crime of illegal deportation of children from Ukraine, in a move that caused outrage in the Kremlin. Read more >>

Please take a notice on the human right violations in pakistan

Senate’s crackdown on TikTok gains momentum as House gears up to question firm’s CEOMomentum for efforts to restrict TikTok is building in the Senate, and House lawmakers are preparing to grill the company’s CEO, as the China-founded app looks to be running out of time to persuade federal lawmakers not to limit its operations. I’m sure Zuckerberg has his hands in it some where. Zuckerberg wanted in with TicTok and they didn’t want to play. This is still Zuckerberg just coming from another angle That’s the bottom line

Advocates warn of worsening affordable housing shortage for poorest OhioansAccording to the Gap report, released Thursday by the Coalition of Homelessness and Housing in Ohio, for every 100 households with “extremely low income,” there are only 40 affordable units. where do homeless people look for somewhere to live online? Craigslist housing wanted NEVER has anyone homeless looking for help. what site does?

A Bunch of Top Music Advocates Want to Ensure AI Doesn’t Replace Your Favorite ArtistSome of the top music trade groups have joined forces to try and ensure AI doesn’t plunge us into a dystopian hellscape that replaces actual human creators. They haven’t. Monies will go directly to the executives and their tidy wives. Consumers will just be charged extra for downloading music. human_artistry It’s ridiculously sad that this is even an issue. But it’s 2023, where most ‘progress’ is regress. Just look at our society. Too much tech makes humans dumb and numb. The best music ever created didn’t need tech. I’ll just stay there and hope others, including artists, will too.

Advocates Say Montana Bill Would Erase Trans And Nonbinary IdentitiesThe Republican-backed legislation seeks to legally define sex based solely on reproductive biology. A woman hailing from the largest province drowned off the coast of Italy last week. The drowned woman 3 years back gave birth to a boy with a disability & was aspiring for asylum in search of a better life for her son Heaven forbid we go with SCIENCE. Lol how is this controversial?

Advocates against TEA’s takeover of HISD says agency has pattern of taking over minority districtsAs the TEA announced it will take over HISD, multiple organizations have filed a legal complaint against the agency saying there is a pattern specifically targeting schools that serve predominantly minorities. Fake & gay 😂😂🤣🤣😂Are they pulling the Race card already? Thank goodness!

With momentum on their side, the Sixers must avoid a letdown loss in CharlotteA late loss against the Detroit Pistons proved extremely costly for the Sixers last season. They must make sure history doesn’t repeat itself.

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