March for Our Lives, Idaho students sue to overturn ban on using student ID cards to vote

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March for Our Lives, Idaho students sue to overturn ban on using student ID cards to vote

Students in Idaho and the state chapter of March for Our Lives are suing to overturn HB 124, a new law that eliminates student ID cards as an accepted form of voter identification.

are suing the stateThe Idaho chapter of March for Our Lives and a 17-year-old student, Rosaura Albizo Barron, filed a lawsuit Friday seeking to have the law, HB 124, thrown out on constitutional grounds. Their complaint alleges that HB 124″violates the Twenty-Sixth Amendment [to the U.S. Constitution] because it was motivated by a discriminatory purpose.”

Republican Gov. Brad Little signed HB 124 into law on Wednesday. The legislation amendsto remove”a current student identification card” from the list of personal identification that voters are required to show at their polling place before they cast a ballot. Other acceptable forms of ID include an Idaho driver’s license, a passport or state-issued ID card with a photograph, a tribal identification card, or a concealed carry weapons license.

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Do you support students? Why is this 17 year old claiming anything?

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