India says situation with China fragile, dangerous in the Himalayan front

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India says situation with China fragile, dangerous in the Himalayan front

The situation between India and China in the western Himalayan region of Ladakh is fragile and dangerous, with military forces deployed very close to each other in some parts, Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said on Saturday.

Violence erupted in the eastern sector of the undemarcated border between the nuclear-armed Asia giants in December but did not result in any deaths.”The situation to my mind still remains very fragile because there are places where our deployments are very close up and in military assessment therefore quite dangerous,” Jaishankar said at an India Today conclave.

India-China relations cannot go back to normal, he said, until the border row is resolved in line with the September 2020 in-principle agreement he reached with his Chinese counterpart.

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Garcetti gets his India post, but fallout over scandal remainsAs former L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti prepares to move India as U.S. ambassador, the allegations involving an aide that held up his nomination remain unresolved, with a trial scheduled later this year. This kind of shit is why democrats are going to lose the senate in 2024. Cronyism on behalf of good ol’ boys is exactly the opposite of what the base is looking for. He’s a democrat and can do whatever the hell he wants to Democrats lowering the bar everyday. Garcetti locked down Angelenos during the pandemic and shuttered small business while he was caught numerous times not following his own stupid covid masking rules

Adenovirus outbreak: 19 children dead, thousands hospitalized in IndiaA viral outbreak in the Indian state of West Bengal claims the lives of 19 children and leaves thousands other hospitalised. ”Thousands ‘ ? Where & when ? Stop yr propaganda.

India’s TCS CEO Rajesh Gopinathan to resignIndian IT services provider Tata Consultancy Services said on Thursday Rajesh Gopinathan will resign as chief executive officer, effective Sept. 15. 😳 will he serve notice period? Why?

The U.S. is sending an ambassador to India after leaving the job vacant for 26 monthsEric Garcetti, a former mayor of Los Angeles, has been appointed the next U.S. ambassador to India. The job was vacant for 26 months — the longest stretch in the history of U.S.-India relations. Terrible terrible Mayor Good riddance This is a spoils system leftover that needs to go. We wouldn’t do this for a 4 star general position (tough lessons learned).

Apple supplier Foxconn wins AirPod contract as it plans new factory in IndiaPegatron and Wistron just got more competition as the iPhone maker Foxconn just won an order to make AirPods for Apple.

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