I spoke at UC Davis about politics. Leftists responded with lies and attacks but said my words were violence

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. charliekirk11: I spoke at UC Davis about politics. Leftists responded with lies and attacks but said my words were violence

I have been speaking for nearly a decade on college campuses. To the left opposing speech is ‘violence.’ This week was the most jarring example yet of how the left views speech.

paid the price for the lies told by fake journalists, sham professors, and overpaid academic bureaucrats. At least one local police officer was injured defending the constitutional right to free speech, while taxpayers will pay to repair the vandalized campus.

Yet while UC-Davis is still scarred by the radical left’s rampage, I’ve already been lectured by more than one person that their behavior is my fault, for”provoking” them by accepting an invitation from conservative students to visit a public, taxpayer-funded school and talk about my ideas on limited government, free markets, and traditional values.

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