How To Tell If You Self-Sabotaged Your Interview

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How To Tell If You Self-Sabotaged Your Interview

In the current environment where thousands of employees are laid off on an almost weekly basis, you must bring your A-game to the interview. There is no room for self-inflicted errors.

It’s infuriating to interviewers when you don’t have an elevator pitch, concisely and succinctly selling the hiring personnel within 30-plus seconds on why you’re a perfect fit for the role. Without a well-thought-out pitch, you end up rambling, going back to talking about jobs held in high school, talking in circles and not offering the specifics of your most recent responsibilities, prior roles, accomplishments and tying in how your skills, education, experience and other factors make you the right fit for the job. To make matters worse, if you forget to bring copies of your rèsumè to an in-person meeting; your rèsumè has spelling and grammatical errors; your LinkedIn profile is naked, devoid of any substantive data about what you’ve done in your career; you’re playing hard to get or are difficult when it comes to setting up a meeting, you’ll get passed over.

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