committee to lead party if I’m arrested

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Exclusive: Pakistan’s Imran Khan: committee to lead party if I’m arrested

Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan has formed a committee to lead his party if he is arrested, he told Reuters hours before an appearance before a court that had issued arrest warrants for him.

ouster from powerlast year and has had a spate of cases registered against him. The police unsuccessfully tried to arrest him on Tuesday, leading to intense clashes with his party workers.”I have made a committee which will obviously take decisions once – if – I’m inside” jail, the 70-year-old said in an interview in his Lahore home before heading to Islamabad early on Saturday. He said there were 94 cases against him.

Khan, who was shot andwhile campaigning in November, says the threat to his life is greater than before and asserted – without providing evidence – that his political opponents and the military want to block him from standing in elections later this year.

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He has ruined the whole country and it’s stability

Pakistan court postpones police operation to arrest Imran KhanPolice had surrounded the 70-year-old opposition leader’s house in the city of Lahore since Tuesday, but his supporters fought battles with security forces to prevent the arrest. He is fighting against Mafias, All charges framed against him are bogus. These mafias installed tugs every where to keep continue heist. This will not work in future for sure Why one pak court filed an arrest at all… When dozens other looted the treasury in far more abundance and are walking freely Do this experiment too

Pakistan court declines to suspend ex-PM Imran Khan arrest warrantPakistani court refuses to suspend arrest warrant for Imran Khan, an ex-prime minister, as demonstrations of support continue outside his home in Lahore Pakistan is under fascism.. Pakistan is bleeding because his most celebrated hero is facing this..We can not sleep or eat well. The judge is personally connected to a N-league member, thus the judgement.

Pakistan court to decide if police can move to arrest Imran KhanScores of supporters of Imran Khan barricaded his home on Friday to protect him as the former Pakistani prime minister waited to hear a ruling on whether security forces could launch an operation to arrest him for failing to show up in court. USA has systematically removed an elected president with impeccable record running Pakistan! If the election comes the puppets will loose and be arrested for destroying Pakistan. They (USA) did the same in Ukraine! That’s exactly what I read in this country! How sad to see these pictures. Jinnah’s dream of a powerful independent Islamic republic is being undone by corrupt self serving individuals. Every Pakistani not marching in the streets is guilty of letting this happen.

Pakistan court halts police operation to arrest ex-PM Imran KhanA Pakistan high court on Friday cancelled an arrest warrant for former Prime Minister Imran Khan, local media reported, defusing a volatile stand-off between his supporters and security forces that had escalated into clashes earlier this week. why didn’t explain why he was arrested Actually they (the media)have settled a context that the incumbent administration is authoritarian,which means they do not have to clear the reasons to arrest the former PM.

Pakistan court suspends ex-PM Imran Khan’s arrest warrantArrest warrant against Pakistan ex-PM Imran Khan has been suspended, his lawyers say, clearing the way for him to end a holdout at his residence that led to bloody clashes between supporters and police earlier this week Imran khan is our heart ❤️ great leader He is our leader. May Allah swt keeps him safe. Ameen 94 frivolous cases against him, corrupt & criminal govt & corrupt Generals of our Army behind this. People of Pakistan awaken after 75 years, are with our leader and our last hope Imran khan

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