Boston man threatens subway riders with pet rat Jerry: Police

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Boston man threatens subway riders with pet rat Jerry: Police

Police say a Boston, Massachusetts man caused a disturbance on the subway after threatening passengers with his unusual pet- Jerry the rat.

Parts of New Hampshire received nearly three feet of snow on Tuesday, March 14 — and amid the huge snowdrifts, a dog walker is seen struggling with his animal. See the crazy video!

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Women Invented the Idea of the Public Defender

But their efforts have been largely erased from history. Read more >>

Keira Knightley Was Banned From Doing A Boston Accent In New Boston-Set MovieBoston Strangler star Keira Knightley explains why the film’s director Matt Ruskin banned her and her co-stars from doing a Boston accent.

Video shows cursing man threatening MBTA straphangers with his pet ratTake rat! A Boston man was arrested by transit police for shoving his pet rat, Jerry, into straphangers’ faces and drinking alcohol. Stop Rat Violence Ugh Weekend Interns are free to create!

Phoenix Police Chief Sullivan sits down with ABC15 amid series of police shootingsTaking action to get answers – ABC15 is going one-on-one with Interim Phoenix Police Chief Michael Sullivan on the recent officer-involved shootings within his department. MORE ⬇️ Interview the clientele they are shooting next. Figure out why they keep presenting situations that deserve it. Why is Phoenix a statistical outlier? Why are there so many prohibited possessors with weapons here? I hope NickCiletti learns to ask a hard question rather than tossing softballs. PhoenixPolice are bullies and deserve their bad reputation.

Police identify suspect police killed in March 3 shootingAccording to the report, Aaron Martinka fired a gun at officers, and officers shot and killed him. A woman in Martinka’s car suffered non-life threatening injuries from the crash.

5 dirt bike, 2 ATV riders appear to point guns at Cleveland Police Headquarters, police sayCleveland Police confirmed dirt bike and ATV riders appeared to point guns at the Police Headquarters Building, and detectives need help identifying them.

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