Ari Melber Calls Out Mike Pence For ‘Cop-Out’ Response On Jan. 6

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‘How can history hold anyone accountable if a key witness is actively undermining that search for truth?” the MSNBC host asked.

“How can history hold anyone accountable if a key witness is actively undermining that search for truth?” the MSNBC host anchoring a show that plays across MSNBC and Peacock..Sanders launched a new Sunday program in May of last year.Copied!.

By..One of Psaki’s greatest challenges — aside from mastering the art of reading a teleprompter and gaining the innate sense of how long she has to go before a commercial break that many TV journalists have developed — will be to convince the audience that she’s not a partisan, despite her many years of working for Democratic officials and candidates. She has worked for John Kerry and Barack Obama, as well as Biden. It’s that experience that makes her valuable to any news organization, but also what she must be able to separate herself from as she goes about her new duties..

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