After ditching stolen truck, suspect flees LAPD on skateboard

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Follow that skateboarder! When a grand theft auto suspect crashes the stolen truck he’s driving, he hops out of the driver’s seat and onto a skateboard. Eyewitness News with the skateboard takedown, and controversy after the arrest. Tonight at 11 from ABC7

After stealing a truck with the trailer still attached, a suspect tried to get away from LAPD officers on a skateboard – but didn’t get far.

Southern California has its share of wild police chases – but rarely do they end up on a skateboard.Los Angeles police bodycam video shows a chase involving a stolen truck in which the suspect jumped out of the vehicle after spinning out and hopped on a skateboard in front of officers standing just feet away with their guns drawn.

Theincidenthappened Feb. 13 around 6 a.m. in downtown Los Angeles.A truck with a trailer attached was reported stolen near Flower Street and Jefferson Avenue. Officers soon spotted the truck at Exposition Boulevard and Western Avenue and tried to pull the driver over, but he fled, at one point hitting a parked vehicle but continuing.

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LAPD Shutters Follow-Home Robbery Task ForceThe LAPD said this week it was closing its ‘Follow Home Robbery Task Force’ after 15 months, citing a dramatic drop in the number of follow-home robberies after its detectives made dozens of arrests. LeonardFiles reports LeonardFiles Fun fact: 96.6% of the arrests made from this task force were black males aged 15-52 LeonardFiles Fools… LeonardFiles So smart of you to announce this. Now all the criminals know they’re free to continue with the home invasions and follow home robberies.

LAPD investigating deadly Palms hit-and-runThe LAPD released video footage of the suspect’s vehicle as they left the scene.

LAPD officer is suing the department, alleging supervisors ignored sexual harassmentA Los Angeles police officer is suing the city, alleging she became the target of an online harassment campaign for reporting sexist memes being shared by colleagues and that her supervisors punished and demoted her after she complained. ZacharyObama Sticks and stones can break my bones, but sexist memes will never hurt me.

LAPD veteran makes ‘karaoke comeback’ 2 years after a devastating spinal cord injuryA veteran Los Angeles police officer and spinal cord injury survivor is grateful to those who contributed to his recovery. Not only did he defy all odds, but he’s working to help patients just like him. 👏👏 Did he sing “Stand Up” or “The Harder they Fall”? Here is the Gofundme link. Our family appreciates anything and we’re so thankful for the community of people who have donated and supported Trini throughout this journey. He continues to fight and overcome every hardship with grace. ❤️

LA City Council approves $2.3M to support victims of 2021 LAPD fireworks explosionThe LA City Council approved nearly $2.3 million in funding to continue assisting residents who were displaced by a botched Los Angeles Police Department attempt to detonate fireworks found in a South Los Angeles neighborhood in June 2021.

Members of LAPD disciplinary panels say they’re excluded because of policing viewsAs city leaders mull LAPD’s discipline system, focus turns to the civilian arbitrators who decide if an officer accused of misconduct should be fired. lmao.

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