Africa Matters: Tropical Cyclone Freddy

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Ghanaians have bid farewell to their national hero and former Premier League footballer Christian Atsu, who died in last month’s earthquakes in southern Türkiye. The 31-year-old had last played for Turkish football club Hatayspor. Watch the full show:

This week, we follow the deadly trail of Cyclone Freddy, which is on track to become the most powerful and long-lasting storm ever recorded in the southern h…

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Deadly Cyclone Freddy could be the longest tropical cyclone on recordThe potentially record-breaking tropical storm crossed more than 4,970 miles and made two separate landfalls. Terrible

Fossil Fuel Giants Urged to ‘Pay Up’ After Tropical Cyclone Freddy Kills 300+’Disasters such as these are further evidence of the injustice suffered by the nations that contribute least to the climate crisis,’ said 350Africa’s ninteretse as thousands in Malawi, Mozambique, and Madagascar mourn. 350Africa ninteretse This storm had nothing to do with ‘climate change’ and no climate scientist would say different. Cyclones & floods are normal, periodic, tragic events. Cyclones of varying intensity happen all the time. No trend whatsoever. Natural phenomenon. Evidence you don’t have a clue. 350Africa ninteretse There is no climate crisis. Grifters gotta grift!

Survivors in shock as Cyclone Freddy toll passes 400 in Malawi, MozambiqueThe last thing Lukia Akimu remembers is the surge of floodwater that hit her village near Mount Soche earlier this week when Tropical Cyclone Freddy tore through southern Malawi. Pray for Malawi n Mozambique… What terrible conditions. 🙏🏿

Malawians search mud for bodies as Cyclone Freddy kills over 300Rescuers struggle to dig up decomposing bodies from the mud and the debris of homes that had been swept away by the storm that lingered in eastern Africa since late February.

Malawi’s death toll from Cyclone Freddy rises to 326The death toll in Malawi from Tropical Cyclone Freddy has jumped to 326, the country’s disaster management agency said on Thursday. I am with you in these trying times my people. I hope we will not be caught in the same position next time. We must improve early warning systems and move as many as we can from the path of such bad weather formations. My sincere sympathies for the humble people of Malawi. I speak on behalf of the 33.1K who visited this story but moved on without comment which leaves me speechless. I’m sorry.

Death toll rises, locals pick up pieces after Cyclone FreddyAuthorities are still getting to grips with the scale of Cyclone Freddy’s destruction in Malawi and Mozambique since late Saturday, with over 370 people confirmed dead, several hundreds still missing and tens of thousands displaced.

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