9 Republicans pull support from South Carolina bill allowing the death penalty for abortion

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The legislation, which had 24 GOP co-sponsors since it was introduced in January, lost support from nine Republicans in recent weeks. — all Republicans — since its introduction in January, lost support from nine of them in recent…

— all Republicans — since its introduction in January, lost support from nine of them in recent weeks. Leber, who was also among the first Republicans to support the measure in January, told NBC News that he decided he couldn’t support the bill’s existing language and realized it had no chance of passing.

The bill has been referred to the state House Judiciary Committee, but it hasn’t yet been considered. Leber said party leaders made clear that”the bill was dead on arrival” and wouldn’t reach the House floor.

In March, the bill started to get more national attention. And that’s when other supporters began to back off.

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Shining light on these kind of plans usually results in them withering on the vine – this is good – now let’s keep shining the light on all the rest and the Supreme Court!

North Carolina Democratic governor’s plan to increase spending by 20% scoffed at by RepublicansDemocratic Gov. Roy Cooper’s big budget increase of 20% was scoffed at by the GOP. North Carolina’s Republicans originally favored an increase of around 10%. How this guy ever got elected twice is beyond me. Just jack up taxes that hit the ppl that voted for him……!!! What woke thing are they spending it on, new equity and diversity programs for VBI and VHP?

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Former military college student from N.J. sentenced for actions during Jan. 6 riotElias Irazarry attended Montclair High School before moving to South Carolina. Isn’t this that daytime soap actor’s son? Free all J6 political prisoners now! Another MAGA busted! Such a dead end cult.

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