‘Ugly’ Florida Rescue Dog Has Eye Deformities Removed, Finds Home

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A dog that was housed at an Orlando, Florida, shelter, described by some as “ugly,” has found a new forever home and had surgery to correct deformities around her eyes.

A dog that was housed at an Orlando shelter has found a home and had surgery to correct deformities around her eyes.

Even more excitingly, just days later, the organization thanked the public for the “outpouring support” and announced their “sweet, beautiful girl” had found a forever home:We want to Thank everyone for their outpouring support for our sweet, beautiful girl!! Thank you to everyone who donated towards her care!! She has received at least 10 applications and another 10-20 inquiries,on how to adopt her. We can now announce we have found her PERFECT fit!!

On December 27, Rescue Dogs Dream Inc. announced that Dutchess’s surgery had been successful and that she was recovering well.

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‘Ugly’ Orlando shelter dog that went viral gets adopted, has surgery on eyes: See how she looks now’This FAMOUS sweet girl that no one wanted, and then everyone wanted, found her PERFECT FOREVER HOME!!’ the rescue wrote. See how she looks now:

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