This Company Is Canceling All Meetings With More Than Two Employees To Free Up Workers’ Time

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This Company Is Canceling All Meetings With More Than Two Employees To Free Up Workers’ Time

Shopify’s move to reduce meetings is an approach more companies have been taking as productivity concerns increase and the habits of a pandemic filled with half-hour Zoom calls have lingered.

and mental health issues are on the rise and the half-hour Zoom habits of the pandemic have lingered. Software platform GitLab has annual “meeting cleanup” days to reset which recurring meetings are really needed. Asana conducted experiments last spring called “meeting doomsday” where workers delete all meetings and only add back ones deemed valuable. Slack has “Focus Fridays” and executives there have practiced “calendar bankruptcy” to remove and evaluate standing meetings.

Shopify hopes to take the practice further, requiring all large “all-hands” meetings with more than 50 people to take place no more than once a week during a six-hour period on Thursdays, as well as track how well individual managers comply with the policy of not holding meetings on Wednesdays. It also created a bot that will alert anyone who tries to schedule a meeting on Wednesdays to think twice and plans to actively encourage workers to cancel unneeded meetings and leave large Slack groups.

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