Nearly 8 in 10 Voters Support Sanders Bill to Raise Minimum Teacher Pay to $60k

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New polling finds that a proposal by Sen. Bernie Sanders to raise the wages of over a million teachers nationwide is overwhelmingly popular among voters.

New polling finds that majorities of voters across the political spectrum support the idea.

what teachers are allowed to discuss in the classroom in order to serve the right’s anti-LGBTQ, racist goals. Meanwhile, the number of school shootings are reaching record highs.Teacher pay is a major contributor to the crisis. Adjusted for inflation, the average weekly wages of teachers have increased only $29 from 1996 to 2021, while the average weekly wages of other college graduates has risen by $445 in the same period of time, research by

the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) found.This has exacerbated an already sizeable wage gap between teachers and comparable college graduates. This gap has reached a record high — in 2021, teachers’ weekly pay was on

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