Heidi Klum Turns Heads With 'Revealing' Dress On 'Making The Cut'

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Klum’s dress wasn’t the only thing fans took offense…

Photo Credit: Twitter/Lara, Twitter/Michela

Note: we are republishing this story which originally made the news in April 2020.

Viewers of Making the Cut, an Amazon original show, flocked to Twitter to slam Heidi Klum’s off shoulder finale dress.

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Fans mocked the 46-year-old’s choice of outfit, and one even went as far as joking that Klum must have lost a bet to wear such a dress.

Here are some of the fans’ comments:

“Why aren’t we talking about this!!? Really? #makingthecut”

“Season 2 of #makingthecut needs brave lackeys who can tell Heidi Klum “no” every once in a while.”

Photo Credit: Twitter/Lara, Twitter/Michela

“Heidi’s dress in the @MakingtheCutTV finale is truly wild #makingthecut”

“Also Heidi! That dress. A sequin and structural nightmare #makingthecut”

“What is going on with Heidi’s boobs? #MakingTheCut”

“Heidi’s finale look really is a different kind of mess #MakingTheCut”

“Seriously what was actually wearing Heidi for the finale of #makingthecut??”

Photo Credit: Twitter/Lara, Twitter/Michela

Klum’s dress wasn’t the only thing fans took offense with. Many called out the show for asking designers to focus on more “accessible” looks so that the winning outfit could be mass produced for sale.

One person wrote: “I’m SO disappointed in #MakingTheCut Tim, Heidi and Naomi were right! You ignored innovative fashion and bank-rolled more over-priced cheap tat made in a 3rd world country. The real winners are Esther Perbandt & Sander Bos! And THEY will get my money. #EstherPerbandt #Sanderbos”

Another wrote: #makingthecut is [a] show where commercial value is more important over actual talent, by the way [it] is [a] design show…”

Sources: MEAWW / Photo Credit: Twitter/Lara, Twitter/Michela

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