Financial hardship took a big toll

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COVID and kids’ mental health: Financial hardship took a big toll

A new study suggests that family economic hardship was the biggest driver of stress, sadness and COVID-19-related worry among kids — more so than school closures.

“Kids are often highly attuned to stress in the home,” he told Fox News Digital in an email.”If there were feelings of uncertainty and concern, which almost certainly comes from loss of a job or reductions in income, it would undoubtedly impact them. If the parents are

, kids may no longer feel safe in the home. This can be devastating developmentally.””If parents are overly stressed or scared themselves, kids may no longer feel safe in the home.”And in even more dire cases, kids may become worried about basic necessities and housing, he added.

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Artist creates celebrity portraits out of food — including a cookie-dough Al Roker

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Study: Disabled people had greater job losses, financial struggles during pandemicLayoffs and furloughs caused by COVID-19 restrictions and the switch to remote work caused more job losses and financial hardships for adults with disabilities than the non-disabled, a new study found. Those who have the hardest time adapting have the hardest time adapting. 🙏✝️🙏😱😭❤️

ECB raises rates by 50 basis points, as inflation trumps financial stability fear By⚠️BREAKING: *ECB HIKES BY 50 BASIS POINTS, IS ‘READY TO RESPOND TO PRESERVE PRICE AND FINANCIAL STABILITY’ *ECB REFRAINS FROM SIGNALING FUTURE RATE MOVES IN STATEMENT 🇪🇺🇪🇺 World economic is done. Lol. 😂 See crypto begin green candle to pump High “To print or not to print? This is the problem”. (Cit. Shakespeare updated 2023)

Financial Experts Recommend Investing In Businesses Government Will Bail Out Anytime They Fuck UpNEW YORK—Calling it a desirable low-risk, high-yield option, financial experts reportedly recommended Thursday that Americans invest in businesses the government will bail out anytime they fuck up. “We strongly encourage people to put their money in a secure corporation whose solvency the government will rush in to… Financial Experts Recommend Investing In Businesses Government Will Bail Out Anytime They *frick* Up Recommendation Investing or Recommended Investment. I like the looks of KPMG who audited SVB, nice work folks! financialservices KPMG SVBCrash

Virgin’s Satellite Launch Company Is in Deep Financial Doo-DooVirgin Orbit’s financial woes have apparently deepened to the point that it has reportedly had to furlough its staff while looking for new money. Shifting energy has distorted norms.

Financial Giant Fidelity Considering Enabling Crypto TransfersFidelity Investments, one of the largest financial services companies in the world, is considering enabling cryptocurrency transfers in the future Fidelity ::logs into Fidelity and sees that XRP isn’t listed. 😏 Logs tf back out. 🖕🏽::

Credit Suisse faces lawsuits from US shareholders for allegedly concealing financial woesU.S. shareholders have filed lawsuits against Credit Suisse alleging the bank misled customers about its financial status and violated securities laws in the process.

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