Banking crisis gives Putin something to smile about

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Banking crisis gives Putin something to smile about

A global financial crisis would hand Putin the type of Western ‘disarray’ that experts say he wants to promote to the Russian public.

Putin wants to show there’s a Western decline and that the West won’t be able to support Ukraine long term.Western powers are unlikely to sway from their support for Ukraine, as their positions on the war are not driven by economic factors.The recent banking crisis in the U.S. and Europe gives Russian President

a means of bolstering his messaging about the Ukraine war while Russian banks remain relatively insulated from potential fallout.”What Putin wants is a narrative of disarray in the U.S. and in Europe, whether that disarray is January 6-style protests, political polarization or economic crisis,” Michael Kimmage, who previously held the Russia/Ukraine portfolio on the State Department’s policy planning staff, told

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Poland Says Russian Spies Sought to Sabotage Western Arms Transfers to UkrainePoland said it detained nine foreigners suspected of planning to sabotage Western weapons shipments to Ukraine, in the largest known attempt by Russia to target arms deliveries from within Europe What’s the difference between Russia sabotaging weapons shipments, and when the west do it to Russian allies, apart from the side you are on? Interesting 🧐 Based saboteurs. Stop supporting the Ukrainian regime!

The 39 top Russians ‘purged by Putin’Russian politicians, oligarchs and military leaders are dying suddenly since Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine Hillary wants to kill people with a deniable basis. First thing I thought of was the random group of J6 police that all committed suicide in the same few days but no one asked questions.

Russian TV shows Moldova’s protests as pro-Russian, Georgia’s as U.S.-Led’it gives them the impression that things are not as bad in Russia as they are everywhere else,’ ISW analyst tells Newsweek. It’s no different than the propaganda we’re being shown. I in no way, shape, or form support Russia. In fact I find them reprehensible, but both sides are feeding their own ridiculous propaganda.

ECB likely to stick to big rate hike despite banking turmoil, source saysEuropean Central Bank policymakers are still leaning towards a half-percentage-point rate hike on Thursday, despite turmoil in the banking sector, as they expect inflation will remain too high in coming years, a source told Reuters.

Wary calm in banking sector as focus turns to regulation and ratesEurope’s bank stocks weakened slightly on Wednesday, after Japanese peers clawed back some of their heavy losses, as regulators and financial executives hosed down contagion concerns after last week’s Silicon Valley Bank collapse. Why are they weary ? Biden said the banking system is strong and healthy. Rates should not be a problem. Like a book, it’s easy to close, you have to chose a side, i hope that will be the right side, and, the right way. Better not look at Credit Suisse then hey

Credit Suisse shares tumble to new record low as European banking sector reelsSwiss banking giant Credit Suisse on Wednesday saw its shares fall to a new record low, pressuring the broader market and the rest of the European banking…

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