Tiger Woods’s ex-girlfriend wants NDA nullified amid couple’s breakup

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Tiger Woods’s former live-in girlfriend has asked a judge to release her from the NDA she signed with the golfer. Herman said it is unenforceable due to a federal law stating that alleged victims of sexual misconduct cannot be barred from filing lawsuits.

Erica Herman, Woods’s longtime girlfriend, has asked a judge to release her from an NDA she signed with the golfer, in an escalating court dispute that started when he barred her from his home last fall.

Woods’s lawyers have claimed in court that Erica Herman, whom he dated for six years, is not allowed to sue him because of the NDA, which requires them to settle all disputes in confidential arbitration.In a complaint filed Monday, Herman said the NDA is unenforceable due to a federal law act stating that alleged victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment cannot be barred from filing lawsuits.

Herman’s complaint,, did not elaborate on whether she has made, or would make, such allegations against Woods. Her attorney, Benjamin T. Hodas, did not respond to a message seeking comment Wednesday.

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