Seth Meyers Gloats Over Tucker Carlson’s Deep Scorn for Donald Trump

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Someone get Seth Meyers a bowl of popcorn, as watching Tucker Carlson’s utter contempt for Donald Trump be exposed—one snark-filled text at a time—is his new White Lotus. “The only thing I thought Tucker Carlson was capable of hating with a passion were female M&M’s who were a 7 or lower,” the Late Night host joked on Wednesday.

On Tuesday night, a Delaware judge unleashed a treasure trove of damning evidentiary findings in Dominion Voting Systems’ $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox News, including private messages sent by Carlson, which paint a strikingly different picture of exactly what the Fox host thinks of the 45th president than what he projects to the public.

“We are very, very close to being able to ignore Trump on most nights. I truly can’t wait,” Carlson texted an unknown recipient on Jan. 4, 2021—just two days before the Jan. 6 insurrection he spent the bulk of this week whitewashing. “I hate him passionately,” he added for good measure.

“In fact, it turns out Tucker said all kinds of insulting and denigrating things about Trump in private, while claiming it was everyone else who had succumbed to intense Trump hatred in public,” Meyers explained, noting that on one occasion, Carlson described the then-president as “a demonic force, a destroyer.”

Carlson even took a couple of potshots at former Trump attorney/fine scotch connoisseur Rudy Giuliani following that whole melting-head debacle by texting photos of Leaky Rudy with the message: “My mind is blown.” All of which leads Meyers to believe that Carlson might secretly be a fan of Late Night.

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