Israeli protests target Netanyahu, visiting Pentagon chief at airport

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Protesters in Israel angered by proposed judicial reforms converged on the airport in a ‘Day of Resistance’ to changes they say would place the government above the judiciary

Israelis protesting judicial reforms sought by the hard-right government converged on the country’s main airport on Thursday in a bid to disrupt a trip abroad by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as well as a visit by the U.S. defense secretary.

View 2 more storiesImages on social media showed Netanyahu aides shopping in Duty Free. Outside, some travellers abandoned blocked vehicles and walked along the highway shoulder to Ben Gurion, luggage in tow.Protest organisers called for escalated disruptions throughout the country in what they dubbed “A Day of Resistance” against reforms that they fear would subordinate Israel’s Supreme Court to the executive and foster corruption.

Netanyahu – who is on trial on graft charges he denies – argues that curbing the judiciary would restore the balance between the branches of government.

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Israelis stage ‘day of resistance’ against Netanyahu planTEL AVIV, Israel (AP) — Israeli protesters on Thursday were intensifying their opposition to a contentious government proposal to overhaul the judiciary, with plans to block Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s route to the airport ahead of an official trip overseas and as the U.S. Just wait. They will call it insurrection just like here מצוין Unlike the US, China, Canada, Russia etc … Israel isn’t imprisoning political protesters whose views are contrary to the Government.

The Origins of Netanyahu’s “All-Systems Assault” on Israeli DemocracyA new coalition has brought extremist politics into the mainstream, but undemocratic strains go back to the country’s founding. dahliasc his older brother died trying to stop a young US5🌟from bringing Iran/Iraq Persia to the US after nwo disrespected her volunteering to prove US5🌟is God by turning her young to join his age in 1979vilifying for helping US5🌟get her Bibi’s ass caught on fire so he tried to ban fire There is no ‘extremist politics’ but those media leftists who hated Israel before this coalition took power still hate it.

Israel protests force Pentagon chief to cut Tel Aviv trip short, Israeli officials saySome Israelis protesting against Netanyahu’s judicial overhaul plan are expected to attempt to block roads in Tel Aviv. Let’s dump more taxpayers money in an Apartheid country

Protests over Netanyahu’s judicial overhaul plan rock Israeli militaryHundreds of Israeli reserve air force pilots, members of special forces units and military intelligence officers say they won’t serve ifthe Netanyahu government’s plan to weaken the Supreme Court is implemented. War criminal doing war criminal things. Bibi is Israel’s biggest boo-boo. If you change the courts, you can get them to rubber stamp any outrageous thing you want to impose on the country, in an authoritarian fashion.

Six Palestinians Killed in Israeli Raid in West BankSix Palestinian men were killed in the West Bank city of Jenin during an Israeli military raid that was pursuing a Hamas operative suspected of fatally shooting two Israeli brothers It’s a fight the Palestinians have absolutely no chance of winning. The Palestinians should find a unified leadership who can negotiate statehood & peace when the opportunity arrives. The Palestinians have never had unified leadership, even b4 1948 Crowd-surfing dead bodies on plastic stretchers is really weird. Jenin is Bleeding. 6 killed. Settlers on rampage.

Pentagon chief, in unannounced visit to Iraq, pledges continued U.S. troop presenceU.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, making an unannounced trip to Iraq on Tuesday nearly 20 years after the U.S.-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein, said Washington was committed to keeping its military presence in the country. He’s utterly useless. Still looking for those WMDs. Maybe they are hiding under the 300,000 people we killed. Of course Lloyd is committed to keeping any war machine moving. He works for Raytheon!!!!!!!!!

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