Biden is using his budget as a cudgel in the debt ceiling fight — and for 2024

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President Biden will unveil his budget on Thursday, a proposal that the White House says would reduce the deficit by $3 trillion over 10 years.

Republicans are demanding spending cuts in exchange for raising the debt ceiling. President Biden is using his budget to show how he could cut the deficit and still fund his pledges.

Drew Angerer/Getty ImagesPresident Biden will unveil his budget on Thursday, a proposal that the White House says would reduce the deficit by $3 trillion over 10 years.Since Congress controls the purse strings — and Republicans control the House of Representatives — the plan is more of a political exercise than a practical roadmap for spending. Rather, it’s an opening volley in a high stakes political fight over government funding and the debt ceiling, and is something that Biden can point to during what’s expected to be a second run for the White House in 2024.

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There are a range of tax increases on the wealthy in the budget. White House said the plan would cut tax breaks for oil and gas companies and for real estate investors, and end tax breaks used by the wealthy, including the carried interest tax break — yes please At the expense of the middle class I am a Biden fan, but these freakin politician budgets are ridiculous…”reduce the deficit”

🤣🤣🤣 When someone states that “economists agree” they should have to specify whether they’re talking about Keynesian or Austrian economists.

Biden challenges Republicans with budget that raises taxes, sets up 2024 runU.S. President Joe Biden will travel to the swing-state of Pennsylvania on Thursday to unveil a federal budget plan laden with spending proposals and higher taxes on the wealthy that will form a blueprint for his expected 2024 re-election bid. Raises taxes in this inflated economy, WTF 🤬 are you smoking 🚬?! All the poor people making under 400k have nothing to fear. Me on the other hand, I’m pissed! Along with banning TikTok he’s def losing his voter base and def not gonna win next round

How Florida Republicans are central to Ron DeSantis’s success in 2024Should GovRonDeSantis announce his 2024 presidential candidacy, a successful Florida legislative marathon with the help of Republican supermajorities in Florida’s legislature could give him a political leg up. GovRonDeSantis We have successfully exposed Ron and his backers. No way he gets the nomination. It’s Trump or no one. Take it to the bank. GovRonDeSantis Trump 2024 GovRonDeSantis Conservative media outlets could counter this by covering DeSantis like the fascist wanna be he is.

Michelle Obama for president in 2024?Although Michelle Obama has denied any interest in seeking office, former White House and Pentagon official Douglas MacKinnon said she has the ‘it’ factor that could maybe beat Trump in 2024. She can’t even get the god damned school lunches right. And she wants to run for president? ‘I SAID TO SERVE THOSE OVERWEIGHT CHILDREN CELERY FOR LUNCH!’ OK, she may be a socialist, but she has a functioning brain and can walk up stairs. So, I’m guessing Biden sees her as a threat to his gig. Besides, Barry’s running things just fine the way it is.

2024 Virginia Poll: Youngkin, DeSantis Lead Biden; Trump in Virtual TieVirginia could be in play for Republicans in 2024 as the state’s Gov. Glenn Youngkin, as well as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, lead President Joe Biden in a hypothetical matchup, and former President Donald Trump is in a virtual tie. Why anyone would vote for Biden again is beyond me. Then again, they are the same fools that believe our country is the way it is because of Putin. These polls are over the place, a few days ago Trump was four points ahead of Biden.

Stuart Varney: Biden trying to ‘clean up the mess he made’ ahead of 2024 electionFOX Business’ Stuart Varney discusses the impact of Biden’s policies on Americans as the president tries to reverse his disastrous policies ahead of the 2024 election. Too late. No he is not. LOL, he’s cleaning up Trump’s disasters.

Biden ‘loves being the underdog’ ahead of 2024, allies sayIn preparation for launching a reelection bid, POTUS’s allies say he is taking advantage of his perceived underrated status. “In some ways, he loves being the underdog and being able to prove people wrong at the end of the day,” one Biden ally said. POTUS An incumbent underdog isn’t an underdog. He’s a failure. POTUS Underdog? Lol, he’s a demented fool that is being used by the deep state and ruining our country in the process. He’s gotta go.

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