Under 30 Europe 2023 Manufacturing & Industry: Meet The Builders And Engineers Powering Europe's Industrial Future

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<p>Under 30 Europe 2023 Manufacturing & Industry: Meet The Builders And Engineers Powering Europe's Industrial Future</p><p>In 2020, 2023 #ForbesUnder30 Europe lister Roman Hölzl, 29, cofounded Munich-based Robco, a platform that designs low-cost robots for small and mid-sized businesses to automate repetitive manual worker tasks, such as laser engraving or palletizing.</p><p>This year’s list includes an impressive array of honorees working in fields ranging from lithium-ion batteries to sustainable aviation to automatic self-cleaning public toilets.</p><p>Clément Bénassy , 27, the cofounders of French startup Néolithe. Their patented fossilization process turns non-recyclable waste into mineral aggregates (or stones) for use in the construction industry. The Chalonnes-sur-Loire-based company cofounded has 130 employees and, since its inception five years ago, has raised $23 million. Another French company working to decrease the global carbon footprint is Dioxcyle, which is building a device called an electrolyzer to convert CO2 into commodities like jet fuel, antifreeze and furniture. Cofounded by Cambridge graduate and Stanford post-doc Sarah Lamaison , 29, the Paris-based enterprise has raised $9 million in funding to date from investors including Bill Gates’ nonprofit organization Breakthrough Energy Fellows. When it comes to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles, U.K.-based Iranian immigrant Behnam Hormozi , 28, founded Integrals Power, which develops high-performance and reliable lithium iron phosphate powder for lithium-ion batteries. The company has raised $4 million in funded projects from the U.K. government, innovation agency Innovate U.K. and more. This year’s list also features companies with a mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable aviation. Founded by Cambridge graduate Tobias Kahnert , 29, Electric Flytrain develops electric and hybrid-electric batteries, power electronics and motors for the aviation industry, and also has its own hybrid-powertrain product for unmanned aircrafts. The Munich-based startup has raised over $2 million.</p>

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