Survivor India Oxenberg Says Cult Leader’s ‘Pampered’ Live Turned Upside Down In Federal Prison

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“And I consider myself in the lucky category of survivors that actually gets to have their perpetrator removed from society appropriately and fairly,” said Oxenberg, who spent seven years in Raniere’s clutches.

As reported, Raniere, 62, is serving 120 years at a maximum-security U.S. Penitentiary Tucson following his 2019 conviction for sex trafficking, child pornography, and racketeering. He ran the cult by luring members under the disguise of being a self-help program.

However, the cult leader, who had his female victims branded, has been complaining about his pending transfer to the Communications Management Unit (CMU), the notorious Indiana prison dubbed Guantanamo North for its population of high-profile killers and terrorists.

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