Realme shamelessly clones Apple’s Dynamic Island with newly launched C55

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Realme shamelessly clones Apple’s Dynamic Island with newly launched C55

Less than six months after Apple debuted the feature.

), includes a feature the company is calling the “Mini Capsule,” a pill-shaped black bar that expands out of the phone’s selfie camera.An animation on Realme’s website shows the Mini Capsule extending out of the left and right of the phone’s selfie camera hole-punch notch. Its capabilities include displaying the phone’s charges status, data usage, and your step count.

An animation of the C55’s Mini Capsule.Image: RealmeIn spite of how shameless this all is, I’m broadly in favor ofgoodnew phone features being as widely adopted as possible. I love the Dynamic Island on my iPhone 14 Pro, whether it’s keeping my cooking timer visible while I check back on an online recipe, or giving me a simpler way to control music without leaving whatever app I’m browsing. And if the user interface is (eventually) available across both iPhones and more Android devices, I’m cautiously hopeful that more app developers will make an effort to support it.

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No way!! Chinese never copy anything!! Just make totally same looking products.🤣🤣

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