‘Olivia’ creator and stage designer Ian Falconer dies at 63

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Ian Falconer, best known as the illustrator and author of the beloved Olivia children’s book series, has died. He was 63.

Best known as the illustrator and author of the beloved children’s book series about a spry and smart young pig, Falconer was also a theatrical set and costume designer.

stood out from most other titles in the crowded children’s book field.”One thing that was very special about it is the whole book was in red and black and picture books at that time were full color. To see something so stark and graphically striking was unusual,” said Schwartz.”There was also this amazing character of Olivia that just really jumped off the pages. In every single picture, I knew that kids would be able to connect with her.”

Born in 1959 in Ridgefield, Conn., Falconer studied art history at New York University before focusing on painting at the Parsons School of Design and the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles.

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Remembering Ian Falconer, the New Yorker Artist and Author of the “Olivia” BooksIan Falconer, the author of the “Olivia” books and of more than 30 New Yorker covers, died today, at the age of 63. We enjoyed his work in both roles! After my mom passed away (her name was Olive but she always went by Olivia), we had a ‘fun’ celebration of life British style with tea, little sandwiches and biscuits, and plenty of London-style memorabilia. I gave my helpers this souvenir… thank you, Ian for doing the books!🐷 💔

Author, illustrator of popular ‘Olivia’ childrens’ books, Ian Falconer, dies at age 63Falconer’s ‘Olivia’ books featured a clever piglet with a great imagination named Olivia, a character he developed for his young niece in 1996. Family members and friends encouraged him to keep working on the character.

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