Murad Retinal Resculpt Treatment Reviews

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We are huge Murad fans here at Scouted—especially when it comes to the brand’s anti-aging range of retinoid-powered serums. Like many editors, I, too, cannot get enough of Murad’s Botox and filler-like Wrinkle Corrector Serum. So naturally, when I learned about its latest launch, the Retinal ReSculpt Overnight Treatment, I was thrilled to get the lowdown. The newest serum is powered by a less-utilized vitamin E derivative (retinoids), retinal, and it’s all about defying gravity and functioning as a corrective (as opposed to a preventative) treatment to target sagging skin, fine lines that have already turned into deep-set wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

In fact, Murad says the new serum mimics the effect of a facelift in just two weeks, working to visibly lift sagging and crepey skin for a more snatched look. Within just four weeks of continued use, the serum is said to improve the skin’s overall laxity, reducing the look of neck and facial jowls. While that’s a pretty lofty promise, the (unretouched!) before-and-after photos are pretty convincing.

Murad Retinal Resculpt before and after

So why retinal (no, the “a” is not a typo)? Well, aside from prescription retinoid Tretinoin, retinal yields the most impressive skin-enhancing results in the quickest amount of time. Retinal is clinically proven to amp up the corrective benefits for advanced signs of aging compared to other vitamin A forms like OTC retinol products. All retinoids must convert to retinoic acid before they can become active and deliver noticeable results, and retinal only has to convert once. Retinol, on the other hand, must undergo two conversion processes.

Murad Retinal Resculpt Overnight Treatment

The Retinal-based serum is also formulated with hydrating and line-erasing ingredients, including Kangaroo paw extract and olive, oat, and alpha glucan to help counteract any potential irritation while amplifying its anti-aging benefits.

Murad’s Retinal ReSculpt Overnight Treatment just launched, but the new treatment has already garnered some stellar customer reviews. “It’s been a struggle to find a retinal product that doesn’t irritate my skin until I tried this one. This treatment really did improve the texture of my skin after a few weeks of use; it was just smooth overall,” one five-star Murad reviewer said. We’re still trying our sample, but make sure to stay tuned for an updated review of its latest drop. Or go ahead and give it a try for yourself before it sells out!

Murad Retinal Resculpt before and after


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