Merrell Alverstone Waterproof Boots Review

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I didn’t use to think there was a perfect hiking boot out there. Some I’ve found are designed for the snow, others are made to tackle rough terrain, and some are only suitable for an easy summer day hike. But, as an avid, year-round hiker, I really needed a hiking boot that could do it all—regardless of the weather or terrain. I’m proud to say I finally found a boot that’s up for the task: the Alverstone Mid Waterproof hiking boots from Merrell.

I can attest that there’s nothing worse than having soggy feet during a hike, whether it be from sweat or rain, but that’s not an issue with these boots. They’re waterproof, so your feet stay nice and dry during wet or snowy hikes, but they also have a breathable mesh lining that keeps your feet cool and dry on hot summer days. And for those of us that have been cursed with extra sweaty feet, the inner lining in these boots is engineered to reduce odor.

Merrell Alverstone Waterproof Hiking Boots

Down from $120

The best part about these near-bulletproof hiking boots? As a chronic shuffler who is constantly being told to pick up their feet—I never have to worry about stubbing my toe again on a sneaky rock in the middle of the trail because these boots have a thick rubber toe that helps keep my feet secure and protected. While I also frequently slip because of my shuffling, I haven’t slipped once yet in these boots. I’m not sure whether it’s because of their second-to-none traction or their superior ankle support, but I do know these boots are responsible for keeping me upright.

Not only do these shoes help keep pebbles away from my feet, keep my feet dry, and keep me from slipping, but they do so during any time of the year. If you love to hike year-round, don’t sit out on these next-level hiking boots.

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