Marlon Wayans Calls Bullsh*t on Tucker Carlson’s Jan. 6 Whitewashing

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Marlon Wayans isn’t buying Tucker Carlson’s attempt to whitewash the Jan. 6 Capitol rioters as “sightseers”—joking during a guest hosting gig this week on The Daily Show that all the Fox Host proved “was that you can make anything look better by not showing the bad part.”

“Sightseeing my Black ass,” Wayans added as the audience erupted into laughter. “If you have to punch a cop on your way in, you’re not sightseeing. You fight seeing.”

On Monday and Tuesday night this week, Carlson aired some never-before-seen footage shot inside the Capitol on Jan. 6 — video that was handed over to him by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy as part of a deal with his party’s far-right flank.

Despite the myriad scenes of violence contained in the 40,000 hours of footage he was given, Carlson was intent on painting the Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol building that day as “peaceful,” noting: “These were not insurrectionists, they were sightseers.”

But Wayans wasn’t about to fall for Carlson’s vision of a kindler, gentler insurrection. “How come they never show 9/11 planes taking off?” he asked as a way of driving his point home.

Even more disturbing to Wayans? That one of the rioters featured in Carlson’s segment appeared to be dutifully cleaning up after his fellow trespassers.

“That’s a straight-up psychopath,” he said. “I bet this guy goes to the orgies and does Wordle.”

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