Louisville police routinely violate civil rights, U.S. Attorney General says

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Louisville police have for years disrespected the people they are sworn to protect through discrimination, failed leadership, and biased practices, according to a report from the Department of Justice. LouPubMedia

Federal investigators found the Louisville Metro Police Department has an extensive pattern of violating civil rights, conducting unlawful searches and discriminating against Black people and people with behavioral health disabilities.

The 90-page report released Wednesday details a list of issues federal investigators uncovered during a two-year investigation of LMPD that began in April 2021, a year after the police killing of Breonna Taylor and in the wake of protests that followed.

Garland was in Louisville Wednesday to announce the findings of the investigation.He said the DOJ and city officials have agreed to work toward a consent decree to usher in future identified reforms. City officials signed an agreement in principle committing Louisville to work with DOJ officials, community members, police officials and other stakeholders to address the issues investigators identified, Garland said. He said the agreement permits the DOJ to negotiate a legally binding consent decree with an independent monitor.

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Justice Department finds Louisville police engaged in ‘pattern’ of conduct that violated constitutional rightsBREAKING: Louisville police use excessive force and discriminate against Black people, a Justice Department probe found. Merrick Garland said that? I’m shocked!! Shock. Disbelief. Maybe they just break the law more.

Justice Department to review Memphis Police Department following Tyre Nichols’ deathBREAKING: Justice Department confirms it has launched a review into the Memphis Police Department following the death of Tyre Nichols, a Black man who died several days after he was beaten during a traffic stop in the city. They’re just now doing that? Seriously better late than never but what the fuck took so long? I guess the investigation of the PTA as a domestic terrorism organization is not going well. Garland is moving on.

Justice Department to investigate Memphis Police Department after Tyre Nichols’ deathBREAKING: The Justice Department will investigate the Memphis Police Department’s use-of-force and de-escalation policies following the death of Tyre Nichols. The DOJ will also review its use of specialized police units. *Almost* seems like Trump/Sessions ending the monitoring of extremist infiltration of law enforcement and units with bad practices was intentional to enable strife at the expense of minorities.

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