First Yellowstone grizzly emerges from hibernation

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(Remember to keep your distance) More from YPRadioNews on the first grizzly sighting of 2023 in Yellowstone National Park 👉

In a news release Tuesday Yellowstone officials say a park wildlife biologist on a tracking flight spotted the first grizzly to emerge from hibernation.

NPSA Yellowstone wildlife biologist on a tracking flight spotted the first grizzly (not the one pictured here) of 2023 to emerge from hibernation.The first grizzly bear of 2023 has been spotted in Yellowstone National Park.In a news release Tuesday park officials say a park wildlife biologist on a tracking flight spotted the first grizzly to emerge from hibernation.

Park officials say the bear is estimated to be 300-350 pounds and was seen near the remains of a bison carcass in Pelican Park in the central-eastern part of Yellowstone. The first bear sighting of 2022 also occurred on March 7.

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YPRadioNews Same. YPRadioNews My Brighter Brothers and Sisters… Please, Please, PLEASE don’t run out and try to get a picture of/with the grizzly bears. Yes, they’re cute, but I know how excited you guys can get, and I REALLY don’t wanna read about you getting dismembered by a bear trying to get a selfie.

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