China targets disruption-free tech disruption

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From Breakingviews – China targets disruption-free tech disruption

Can China regulate its way to technological self-sufficiency? Beijing wants to foster innovation amid U.S. sanctions by centralising how data, patents and more are governed. The shake-up will, among other fixes, help avoid agency turf wars and resource misallocation. Anything more, though, looks a stretch.

taskedto help lead the country’s efforts to reduce dependence on Western suppliers. Meanwhile, creating a National Data Bureau should streamline the myriad of regulations spanning cybersecurity, personal privacy and information transfer. Even the patent regulator will be promoted in the bureaucratic hierarchy: the National Intellectual Property Administration is set to sit directly under the powerful cabinet-like State Council, giving it a bit more heft.

Some of these changes are sensible. Recent cybersecurity regulations, for example, require Chinese apps and platforms with over one million users to undergo a data security review before going public abroad. These are jointly overseen by more than a dozen watchdogs including the Cyberspace Administration of China. Ride-hailing group Didi Global ultimately ran afoul of the CAC when it went public in New York without the agency’s support; yet some financial regulators had expressed support for Didi’s overseas listing, creating mixed signals for the company, according to the

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China’s Xi slams US-led ‘suppression’ as Beijing warns of confrontationChinese leader says Western countries led by the US ‘have implemented all-round containment’ as Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang warns that Beijing and Washington are headed for “conflict’ if the US does not change course.

Taiwan warns of China’s ‘repeated provocations’, China tells US not to cross red lineTaiwan will not allow ‘repeated provocations’ from China, the island’s defence minister said on Tuesday, as China’s foreign minister said Taiwan was the ‘first red line’ that must not be crossed in Sino-U.S. relations. Taiwan is deluded that the U.S. can stop the unification of China. Since 1949, when Chiang Kai-Shek fled Mainland China, the U.S. has blocked unification. Today, China can stand up to the U.S. and unify with Taiwan. The world recognizes Taiwan is China. No more wars or “funding” wars. The average American doesn’t agree to any of this. We are not the world police or baby daddy’s of the people of Earth. FJB Taiwan is China.

China’s maritime militia swarms Philippine-held island in South China SeaThe Philippine Coast Guard said 42 Chinese maritime militia vessels, accompanied by naval and coast guard presence, were anchored neared the island of Thitu. Hello, аrе уou аlsо interestеd in the financial market? Ill love to introduce you to a professional trading way,this is a safe and profitable way to mаke monеу in сrypto and stocks.I’m willing to show 5 lucky people how to earn over $18,000 (0.79BTC) and more daily..Interested DM

Breakingviews – Germany’s electricity headache has an M&A cureOlaf Scholz’s penchant for major energy deals shows no sign of abating. Fresh from rescuing utility Uniper at a cost exceeding 50 billion euros, the German chancellor may splash out 20 billion euros on the Teutonic assets of Dutch group TenneT. Sorting out a rickety power grid is an especially pressing issue in Germany, but luckily Scholz also has the means to act.

Breakingviews – Amazon expansion collides with’s rapid expansion is hitting a wall. The e-commerce giant is pausing building out its second headquarters in Arlington, Virginia more than five years after cities from Newark, New Jersey to Dallas, Texas courted the $1 trillion technology company with dog and pony shows and chunky incentives. The fate of HQ2 depends on both the labor market and work-from-home mandates. When it comes to those trends, even Amazon can’t be too sure. Breakingviews jennifersaba Businesses cannot plan or do as they used to, responsible thought is now required and appreciate workers‼️ Breakingviews jennifersaba Amazon is a modern day cartel

Breakingviews – TPG starts a dicey dance with death Down UnderThe funerals industry ought to be a solid long-term investment. After all, unless humans find a path to eternal life, there will always be a need to pay to dispose of our mortal remains. Little wonder, then, that TPG is taking advantage of Australia’s InvoCare recently losing market share, and earnings, by offering shareholders A$1.8 billion ($1.5 billion) on Tuesday. But the private equity firm run by Jon Winkelried has started a dicey dance with death. Breakingviews AntonyMCurrie Look dealing with TPG is simply AWFUL, what it will do with this funeral company will if it’s like it behaves with it wifi services will take my advice from experience AVOID it can u imagine dealing with a offshore operator who doesn’t CARE or doesn’t understand ? Breakingviews AntonyMCurrie Deaths will be at a premium with what’s been going on over the last few years. Am sure they will reap in the profits.

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