Best Facial Massager for Tension and Skin Lifting

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I had no idea how much stress we hold in various places of our bodies (other than the oft-cited shoulders) until a dentist pointed out that my jaw at the joint was very tense. I don’t grind my teeth at night or have TMJ, so that was surprising to hear. He advised me to massage the area daily—great; I’ll add that to the ever-growing list of sh*t I need to do to keep my body from falling apart. Unfortunately, massaging my jaw region with just my hands only helped slightly. Fast forward to last month when I was gifted a Clinical Skin Pétrissage Massage Beauty Roller, and everything changed. I always thought that face rollers only benefited the skin, helping it look taut and more defined, but it turns out I was wrong.

The beauty roller came in a little velvet bag, not unlike a different kind of massager I recently bought. Undeterred, I noted the facial massager had a substantial feel to it, so I gave it a whirl. It’s meant to be used on dry or slightly damp skin, though for areas like around the eye, damp is gentler. The two-pressure-point system sculpts under the jawline or cheekbone much better than a single roller.

Clinical Skin Pétrissage Massage Beauty Roller

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Using this roller felt so damn good, especially on my forehead and the area of my jaw that the dentist pointed out. It truly felt like a massage, alleviating tension throughout my whole face, and now I’m hooked.

If you’ve read my content, you know that I love microcurrent devices for their ability to tighten skin. I’m also kind of lazy, so the fact that this device does not require charging and also works to give skin an uplifted tone is really nice to have. It can also be used on the front of the neck, unlike microcurrent, and requires no serum to use. What was most astonishing about the Pétrissage Massage Beauty Roller besides the super relaxed facial feeling and appearance, is how much it depuffed my face. I have thyroid issues, and some mornings I wake up looking like I chugged margaritas with extra salt the night before—even when I most definitely did not. Five minutes with the Pétrissage Massage Beauty Roller in the AM, and I can see my cheekbones again.

There are plenty of less expensive rollers on the market, but this one is built to last and actually work, so it’s worth spending an extra $20 on. Plus, you can score 25% off right now at; just use code CLINICAL25. The 25% off is good for all of Clinical Skin’s anti-aging skincare. I use the Clinical Skin Retinol + AOX Renewal Cream and love it. It makes my skin peel (not irritated, just doing what retinol does), so I only use it every few nights, but it does brighten and smooth—and for the price, it’s hard to beat.

Clinical Skin Pétrissage Massage Beauty Roller

Whether looking for uplifted skin, depuffing, or the amazing feeling of a massage, grab a Beauty Roller and get ready to add a little fun and relaxation to your daily routine.


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