Supreme Court’s ‘Dark Money’ Rulings Anchor Defense in Ohio Corruption Trial

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An Ohio jury is about to decide whether politicians enlisted by an energy company to seek a $1.3 billion state bailout pushed the bounds of campaign spending too far

A former top lawmaker says alleged racketeering was permissible under the Citizens United decision and other rulings.

CINCINNATI—An Ohio jury is about to decide whetherpoliticians enlisted by an energy company to seek a $1.3 billion state bailout of its two failing nuclear plants pushed the bounds of campaign spending too far.Akron-based FirstEnergy Corp. secretly spent more than $60 million beginning in 2018 to help then-Republican state Rep. Larry Householder win the Ohio House speakership and secure the bailout. Federal prosecutors called the arrangement an illegal pay-to-play bribery scheme.

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Another Norfolk Southern train derails in Ohio

Another Norfolk Southern freight train has derailed in Ohio. This marks the fourth Norfolk Southern derailment the past five months. The train was hauling hazardous chemicals, including liquid propane and ethanol, but officials say none of the 28 cars involved were carrying toxic materials. Read more >>

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Nick Sirianni courts mutiny by firing DB coach Dennard Wilson after snubbing him as Eagles DCThe second-year head coach, flush with Super Bowl near-success, dismissed his most popular and productive defensive assistant, even after Wilson assured him he would hold no grudges about DC position. inkstainedretch Do you know what the friggin word ‘mutiny’ means? inkstainedretch Silly Marcus Skayes! He’s just mad that the guy who got fired allowed 3 TDS in the second half by 10 yards – from the 10 yard line😿😿😿 – silly, silly Marcus Skayes. Go ask your wife for your allowance 🤣🤣🤣 inkstainedretch On what does Marcus base his assertion that Wilson was their best defensive position coach? It always cracks me up when people outside those meeting rooms purport to know which position coaches are good and which aren’t.

Biden Lays Groundwork For 2024 Run: Courts Firefighters’ Union Ahead Of California Fundraising TripBiden is reportedly expected to announce a re-election bid in April. They always want your vote when it time to vote wake up America there are other parties and representatives out vote change the agenda and help Don’t be a sheep be a leader vote You have black folks walking with the very racist “Man” they’re trained to hate. His family gene line owned slaves are they gonna ask him for some repatriations, he fought tooth & nail to oppose civil rights and kept you locked up and you frauds walk with this con… weak

Man shot at basketball courts inside Philadelphia park, police sayPhiladelphia police are investigating a shooting that they say happened at the basketball courts inside a Mayfair park Monday night. Keep voting democrat

Indiana communities at risk for train disasters like the one that devastated Ohio townICYMI: The next accident could happen right here in Indiana, where nearly every day trains hauling hazardous materials roll over the network of more than 5,000 miles of track that weave across the state.

No signs of spill after Norfolk Southern freight train derails in Springfield, Ohio: officialsA temporary shelter-in-place order was lifted early Sunday morning after officials determined there was no risk to public health, officials said. How many derailments/explosions can happen before we decide we’re under attack? Mayo Pete wondering what color the driver was. Paranoia. First COVID 19 now train derailments

Another Norfolk Southern train derails in OhioA second Norfolk Southern train derailed in Ohio on Saturday. No injuries were reported in connection to the derailment and the incident is not believed to pose a risk to public health, the Clark County government said in a statement. Thanks Mayor Pete! Regulations regarding train safety were changed under Trump…This particular railroad & others lobbied Trump to dismantle an Obama-era rule that would have required railroads to update their braking systems… I’ve already seen several tweets blaming SecretaryPete because he’s apparently not omnipotent and so is directly responsible for everything and anything that happens on the rails, the roads or in the air.

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