Nick Cannon Appears to Think Having Kids Is a Literal Game

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Nick Cannon is partnering with Kevin Hart for ‘mother of all games shows,’ ‘Who’s Having My Baby With Nick Cannon.’

The entertainer is partnering with Kevin Hart for “mother of all games shows,” Who’s Having My Baby With Nick Cannon

On Tuesday, Cannon announced plans for a new game show,Who’s Having My Baby With Nick Cannon, hosted by Kevin Hart and set to air this spring on E!. Billed as the “mother of all games shows” (we see what you did there), Cannon will pick from a slate of female contestants who want to — you guessed it — have his next baby.

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Nick Kroll on the Influence of Mel Brooks on Hulu’s ‘History of the World, Part II’

If you’re going to add on to the legacy of a classic Mel Brooks film, you’ve got to do it with a parade of superstars (and, of course, the blessing of Brooks himself). That’s exactly what Nick Kroll has done with Hulu’s ‘History of the World, Part II’ (March 6). ‘You can expect an insane cast, ‘ Kroll told Newsweek’s H. Alan Scott. The cast includes Wanda Sykes, Taika Waititi, Jay Ellis and Sarah Silverman, among others. ‘Our goal was to continue to be provocative, but not necessarily preachy and political.’ And even if they aren’t political, Kroll says Brooks’ target in his work ‘has almost always been those in power, and how they are largely dumb and greedy.’ Part of the reason why Brooks, Kroll and the other producers wanted to do this was to expand on the diverse set of voices and stories that need to be told from history. ‘There’s just so many interesting stories that we all sort of take for granted.’ And there’s even something for fans of Brooks’ other films. ‘We really try to pay homage…you’re going to hear jokes from ‘The Producers,’ from ‘Young Frankenstein,’ from ‘Spaceballs,’ like little Easter eggs and callbacks.’ Visit to learn more about the podcasts we offer and to catch up on the latest news. While you’re there, subscribe to Newsweek’s ‘For the Culture’ newsletter. Follow H. Alan Scott on everything at @HAlanScott. Read more >>

Gross. The human race continues its downhill slide.

Nick Cannon Announces Game Show to Find Out ‘Who’s Having My Baby’Kevin Hart will host the new show. Please no!!! This n**ga really need to go away!!

Did Nick Cannon Just Tease Yet Another Baby Announcement?If he is indeed announcing another bundle of joy on the way, the child will be Cannon’s 13th kid. I’m so tired of it! 🤦🏾‍♂️ We are so tired of this shit

Nick Cannon’s cryptic message spreads baby fever | CNNNick Cannon posted a cryptic tweet with a baby bottle emoji, and we already know what you are thinking. MUST WATCH… If you’re thinking ‘I don’t care’ then you’re right. This should get u wiped OFF THE AIR NOW LIARS! 1 / 6 LIES

Nick Cannon will star in new game show, ‘Who’s Having My Baby?’Nick Cannon will star in a new game show called ‘Who’s Having My Baby?’ The father of 12 shared the news to Instagram. No, please no!!! That show could last 20 seasons or more just based on his own life! Ugh. This is not funny or cute in any way.

Ryan Dunleavy on Will Levis’ ‘cannon’ arm, Jets’ QB conundrumThe Post’s Ryan Dunleavy reacts to what he observed at the 2023 NFL Draft Combine, how Derek Carr joining the Saints may impact the Jets and Daniel Jones’ ongoing negotiations with the Giants.

Nick Sirianni courts mutiny by firing DB coach Dennard Wilson after snubbing him as Eagles DCThe second-year head coach, flush with Super Bowl near-success, dismissed his most popular and productive defensive assistant, even after Wilson assured him he would hold no grudges about DC position. inkstainedretch Do you know what the friggin word ‘mutiny’ means? inkstainedretch Silly Marcus Skayes! He’s just mad that the guy who got fired allowed 3 TDS in the second half by 10 yards – from the 10 yard line😿😿😿 – silly, silly Marcus Skayes. Go ask your wife for your allowance 🤣🤣🤣 inkstainedretch On what does Marcus base his assertion that Wilson was their best defensive position coach? It always cracks me up when people outside those meeting rooms purport to know which position coaches are good and which aren’t.

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