Internet roasts Kamala Harris for claiming she once asked ‘Why are conservatives bad, mommy?’

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Internet roasts Kamala Harris for claiming she once asked ‘Why are conservatives bad, mommy?’

Vice President Kamala Harris faced a tidal wave of mockery after she claimed she asked a political question about conservatives to her mother after school.

Vice President Kamala Harris shared a childhood memory to bash conservatives Monday that made Twitter users cringe and suggest it was completely made up.repetitive word salads”I grew up learning about – we called it ecology at the time and so some of us who were born around that time know what I’m saying – and we talked about it in the context of conservation,” she said laughing.”In fact, I’m going to share with you a very simple story, which is that I went home one day and I said, ‘Well,

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Kamala Harris, telling childhood story, says she asked her mom why conservatives are ‘bad’Vice President Kamala Harris said she once asked her mother why conservatives are bad, as she couldn’t reconcile the political label with conservation. Plagiarism Had They mentioned that a laughing hyena could be bad in a VP position?… now that’s laughable😂😂😂 Like her stolen “fweeedoom” bull shit?

Column: There’s no home field advantage in California for Vice President Kamala HarrisA new UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll found California voters evenly spit on Vice President Kamala Harris, not good for someone who served as the state’s senator and attorney general CA must be full of racists and misogynist then. Right LoriLightfoot ? Nor will there ever be. LATimesSkelton Evenly “ spit” damn.

Vice President Kamala Harris spoke about climate change to Arvada crowdVice President Kamala Harris highlighted the complexities and interconnected challenges posed by climate change during a visit to the Denver metro area Monday. What a waste of time. Should she be solving to lawless southern border issue. Dishing out word salad Did she talk about the fentanyl that she is proudly letting come into the USA via the border?

Are Texas GOP Leaders targeting Harris County and Houston – What’s Your Point?Lots of varied opinions on this one – Are GOP leaders in Austin targeting Houston and Harris County with right-leaning reforms? I hope so! Houston has become a hell scape with fraudulent corrupt leaders and moronic leftist policies These don’t sound right leaning, they sound like policies of a community that wants something better for everyone decent. If the crimes fit….

Sixers’ Tobias Harris and P.J. Tucker could miss Monday’s game at Indiana Pacers.The uncertainty comes after the forwards sustained game-ending injuries in Saturday’s 133-130 road victory over the Milwaukee Bucks.

Harris County Jail ‘Accidentally Releases’ Violent Inmate — Later RecapturedThe largest jail in Texas “accidentally released” a convicted family-violence inmate who was scheduled for transport to prison. Fortunately, police recaptured the man ten hours later after family members turned him in. Accident my ass Serves as a nice reminder that if you are planning on moving to Texas from the Democrat hell hole you currently reside in, don’t move to Houston/ Harris County. Your defeating the purpose of the move. Pretty funny considering this is almost like the release from prison in Idiocracy

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