DKZ’s Agency Addresses Kyoungyoon’s Parents’ Reported Affiliation With JMS Cult

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DKZ’s Agency Addresses Kyoungyoon’s Parents’ Reported Affiliation With JMS Cult

DKZ’s Agency Addresses Kyoungyoon’s Parents’ Reported Affiliation With JMS Cult

DKZ’s agency has officially addressed the reports of Kyoungyoon’s parents’ affiliation with the JMS cult spotlighted in the recent documentary “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal.”“In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal” is a new documentary series exposing four cult leaders and their horrifying practices. One of the cults covered in the series is JMS Providence (also known as the Christian Gospel Mission), founded by leader and convicted rapist Jung Myung Seok, who is described as having groomed and sexually exploited many of his young female followers.

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Hope his family can quit the cult safely. They are very scary. vish Poor boy I hope him and his family are OK as apologies go, this is a great one. give that writer a raise. spread compassion to all harmed by JMS and to all duped by its deceptions. isn’t this the thing where the leader claimed himself to be god?

The cult culture in SK is sounds creepy & dangerous like his parents didn’t even know what exactly was wrong 🙁 I really hope it doesn’t affect DKZ in any way the boys have already been through ENOUGH Clarification: He has no connection to it himself and found out abt it through the documentary too and is angry abt it himself and his parents weren’t aware of it being a cult (which means they were victims of it) and are now cutting all ties with that church

the what cult? what the hell ¿ 👇🏼 omg..

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UMM? 😭

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