Adidas could ‘literally burn’ $500M in unsold ‘Yeezy’ apparel: report

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Adidas could ‘literally burn’ $500M in unsold ‘Yeezy’ apparel: report

Adidas could be forced to burn as much as $500 million worth of Yeezy sneakers after hastily cutting ties with rapper Kanye West last year over anti-Semitic …

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South Korea companies to pay to resolve forced labour dispute with Japan

South Korea said on Monday that its companies would compensate people forced to work under Japan’s 1910-1945 occupation. Read more >>

Adidas could ‘literally burn’ $500M in unsold ‘Yeezy’ apparel: reportThe company warned that it faces a more than $500 million hit to its operating profit this year. Why not donate it? That will hurt their ESG score lol They look horrendous

Jeff Bezos’ massive new $500M superyacht — complete with helipad and pool — spotted in North SeaHoist up the Jeff B sails. Amazon honcho Jeff Bezos’ $500 million superyacht Koru, codenamed Y721, is finally sea ready — spotted in the North Sea after leaving Rotterdam Feb. 13, foota… Cool let’s triple his marginal tax rate Those are fake….just sayn This should be donated to Zelensky and Ukraine. Does he not care about democracy?!?!

Opinion: Could our love affair with sugar and artificial sweeteners literally break our hearts?Abcarian: Could our love affair with sugar and artificial sweeteners literally break our hearts? (via latimesopinion ) opinion excellent story but this ‘My father is a good example. I’m pretty sure his sugar consumption crowded other, more beneficial nutrients from his diet. Sure enough, he died of a massive stroke. Of course, he was 91 years old, but he might have made it to 92’ sorta negates the doom opinion Boycott Hershey’s no matter what. opinion Yikes

Ami quite literally took Parisian style to new heights with its SS23 showOpening with Audrey Tautou, that brand’s latest collection was a celebration of characteristically French insouciance and chic.

Nike and Adidas veterans reveal how to break into the sneaker industryInsider tells the global tech, finance, markets, media, healthcare, and strategy stories you want to know.

Jonathan Majors Is on a Hot Streak (Literally)Three months into 2023, Jonathan Majors has starred in two straight box office winners and gave a tour-de-force performance in a Sundance hit—one of the hottest streaks in recent memory. Read more from blevitt93 for beastobsessed: blevitt93 beastobsessed Is the Daily Beast a publication for gay men 🤔

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