What Is Formal Verification of Smart Contracts?

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Smart Contracts are integral to how we interact with blockchains Our blog below breaks down how they work, how verification happens and why they are so important.

Formal verification of smart contracts ensures they are free from bugs, vulnerabilities, and other unintended behavior.

Smart contractsSecurity vulnerabilities in smart contract code can have devastating consequences, including theft of all the assets held by a smart contract. In 2021, automated market maker (AMM) Uranium Finance had $50 million stolen because of a single typo in a smart contract.

It’s important to get the smart contract program right the first time. Smart contracts are open-source, meaning the code is publicly available once a contract is deployed. If a hacker finds a bug, they can take advantage of it immediately. In addition, patching security vulnerabilities over time is not an option, as a smart contract’s code typically cannot be modified after deployment.

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